The much-anticipated summer action blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens is in theaters today! While Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig may be the male leads in the movie, Olivia Wilde is also getting a lot of attention for her role. And with good reason - Wilde is absolutely gorgeous in the role, and we couldn't help but notice how fit she looks. Read on for her workout!

The Olivia Wilde Workout

1. Lots of cardio. Wilde originally got in uber good shape for her role in the movie Tron, when she worked out with a personal trainer almost every day of the week. To get her body ready for Tron's black bodysuit, Wilde did an hour of cardio five to six days a week.

2. Weight lifting. Cardio is great for boosting heart health and burning calories, but to really tone up, Wilde did lots of weight lifting with her trainer. She did strength-training sessions three times a week to build lean muscle.

3. Martial arts. In addition to the cardio and the weight-training sessions, Wilde got her action-hero on by doing martial arts and fighting three times a week. She's one tough chick when it comes to workouts!

All those workouts are sure paying off - she looks great in Cowboys and Aliens!