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5 Times Demi Lovato Inspired Us to Hit the Gym

Fierce AF

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No matter if she's leaving or heading to the gym, Demi's workout style is nothing short of sleek and chic.

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Punch It Out

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Demi's no stranger to getting some swings in at the gym—it's one of the best ways to let go of stress and frustration. After a long week of work, we'd like to throw some punches too. In a controlled environment, of course.

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Workin' It In Washington

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She may not be in the gym, but Demi still seems to keep up her workout dedication wherever she goes.

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Stay Strong...and Confident

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As if she needed another reason to be confident—you know, besides the whole beautiful rock star thing she has going—her awesome bod and fierce focus put her on another level. Thanks for the inspiration, Demi.

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Get It, Girl

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If you didn't think Demi was a badass before, this pic may change your mind. Don't mind us, we'll just be over here working on our squats. (Want more fitspo? Check out these badass weightlifting women.)

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