Discover how the power of positive thinking plus a dedication to Pilates exercises has helped to make Denise Richards sculpted, fit and strong.

Preparing to spend her first Mother's Day without her mom, Denise Richards speaks out to Shape about losing her to cancer and what she's doing to move forward.

When asked what she learned from her mom, the first thing Denise says is to focus on positive thinking and to have a positive perspective on life, especially about her health. To manage her grief and the emotional effects of stress, Denise relies on the natural mood boosting effect of exercise. It's a habit she hopes to instill in her own children.

Like most women, Denise spends much of her day making sure everyone in her life is taken care of. But she's also learned the importance of focusing on her own well-being.

The workout routines that got Denise strong and sculpted are all about Pilates exercises.

These sessions not only give Denise Richards important time to herself, they've also helped her reshape her body-and drop a jeans size!

The mother of two has a history of back and neck pain but she's finally found workout routines that strengthen her body to help prevent those aches. "Pilates is the only exercise that doesn't aggravate my back," says the actress. In addition to feeling better, Denise is also happier with the way she looks. "Pilates was the only workout that made my belly flat again after having two kids," says Richards. "I just love it."