See exactly what's on their plates this week!


Take away the flashy costumes and famous faces, and Dancing With the Stars starts to look a lot like The Biggest Loser. The Mirror Ball may be the biggest motivator for some, but it's not uncommon for celebrity contestants to flat out say they hope the show will do for them what it did for last season's runner up Kirstie Alley, who danced 38 inches off her frame during the show's 10-week season.

Ricki Lake, Nancy Grace, and Chaz Bono are three celebrity competitors hoping to shimmy off some extra pounds this season. And they're on the right track. Lake has already lost more than 15 pounds, and Grace recently revealed to People magazine that she's shed 16 pounds so far.

Grueling dance rehearsals are certainly helping the stars slim down, but we all know that without a healthy eating plan, it doesn't matter how many hours they spend sweating in the studio. That's why we went on a mission to find out exactly what the newly trimmed-down Dancing With the Stars cast members are eating.

Enter Freshology. Freshology is a high end, calorie-controlled, gourmet meal delivery service that has helped maintain the famous figures of Jennifer Lopez, Mario Lopez, and Sofia Vegara, as well as Dancing With the Stars' cast members like Anna Trebunskaya.

"Dancing for 6 hours or more a day and running around everywhere, it's easy to skip meals or eat really unhealthy," Trebunskaya says. "That's why Freshology is perfect for me! It's convenient, good for you, and the food is yummy."

Home meal delivery programs definitely help make weight loss and healthy eating easy, but they can be pricey. And what if the food doesn't taste good? We needed more convincing. That's why we asked Freshology to show us exactly what the DWTS cast is eating each day-and exactly what you would be eating on their new Get Slim with the Stars program.