Drop Dead Beautiful: Best Britney Spears Songs for Workouts

It's official! Britney Spears new song will be Drop Dead Beautiful. The Britney Spears new single Drop Dead Beautiful was debuted at last night's first Femme Fatale tour in California to tons of Brit-Brit fans. The new high-energy song got us thinking: What are the best Britney Spears songs for workouts? Here is our top five list!

Top 5 Britney Spears Songs for Workouts

1. Hit Me Baby One More Time. Her breakout single, we had to include this one in our best Britney Spears songs workout playlist!

2. Stronger. You'll feel stronger when you work out to this Britney Spears song!

3. Toxic. With an incredibly fun and fast beat, this track is perfect for a jog or that high-energy cardio session on the elliptical.

4. 'Till the World Ends. This Britney Spears new song may have just been around for a few months, but we love it enough for it to be on our iPods for the long haul.

5. Drop Dead Beautiful. Britney Spears new single Drop Dead Beautiful may have just come out, but we can't wait to download it and play it at the gym!

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