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Finding Calm with...Judy Reyes

"I was tired all the time,"
Judy says. By reducing refined carbs and sugar in
her diet and revamping her workouts, Judy got triple benefi ts:
She lost weight, increased her energy, and started hearing what
her body was telling her. Here, she shares her stay-balanced tips.

  1. Figure out what works for you
    "I've never loved spending
    time on the machines at the gym. But I have discovered an
    exercise regimen I can dedicate myself to: yoga. It's changed
    my body. Before, I could only do 'girl' push-ups. But poses
    like downward dog and the plank have strengthened my
    arms. I've finally mastered regular push-ups!"
  2. Reassess your goals
    "For years I exercised to be
    thinner, and I never got the results I wanted. When I
    finally started working out to be healthier, I saw a transformation.
    I've even quit weighing myself so I don't obsess over the numbers.
    Now I determine my weight by how my clothes feel. In the last
    two years, I've dropped a size-probably about 10 pounds."
  3. Allow for splurges
    "Like everyone, there are times when
    I just don't feel like exercising. When that happens, I'm
    a bit more careful with my diet. But on days I really want a
    treat, like chocolate, I work out a little harder. I don't believe in
    beating myself up for not being 'good.' "


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