We have a new So You Think You Can Dance winner! A big congrats to Melanie Moore who was named the season 8 winner of the popular dancing show last night. This 19-year old from Marietta, Ga., has been a fan favorite during much of this season of SYTYCD, but do you know everything about Moore and the other season eight contestants? Read on for fun facts about the So You Think You Can Dance winner and her fellow contestants!

6 Things You Probably Didn't Know about the So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Contestants

1. Melanie Moore isn't quiet. So You Think You Can Dance winner Melanie Moore says she's been portrayed on the show as a shy quiet girl, but in real life she's actually loud and outgoing.

2. Nick Young toured with Kenny Rogers. People may be surprised that in the winters of 2001, 2002 and 2003, Young toured with country star Kenny Rogers and his Christmas show, which consisted of singing and acting, but not really any dancing.

3. Robert Taylor Jr. has performed for Michael Jackson. While Taylor Jr. has done numerous professional dancing shows and gigs, one of his most memorable was performing for the one and only Michael Jackson!

4. Ryan Rameriz is good at football. You probably wouldn't know it when watching Rameriz do modern dance and ballet, but she loves football and is pretty good at playing it!

5. Wadi Jones works at a health club. When not dancing, Jones works for a fitness gym's child care center, playing sports and working with kids from six months to twelve years old.

6. Iveta Lukosiute lost weight with dance. A successful ballroom dancer, at one time Lukosiute was 30 pounds heavier. Proof positive that dancing sure is a good workout!