By Jennipher Walters
May 24, 2011

The finale of The Biggest Loser season 11 is tonight, and although we'll have to wait to hear who wins until Alison Sweeney announces his or her name, we thought we'd take a look back on how the contestants in the finale - Hannah, Olivia, and either Jay or Irene (depending on who America votes into the final three) - lost all the weight.

Biggest Loser 2011 Workouts That Got Contestants to the Finale

1. High-intensity interval training. Better known as HIIT, Biggest Loser contestants routinely hop on the treadmill or Spin bike to perform incredibly hard bursts of exercise, followed by rest. This improves overall fitness and gives you a huge calorie burn in a short amount of workout time.

2. Cross Fit/bootcamp workouts. From dragging tires to pulling ropes to doing box jumps, Cross Fit and boot-camp workouts pull out all the stops to give contestants a strength and cardio workout all in one.

3. Boxing. A nice mix of upper- and lower-body work, beating on a punching bag burns about 200 to 300 calories every half four. No wonder Biggest Loser contestants - and celebs - love this workout!

4. Circuit training. Circuit training is a fantastic way to burn calories and build muscle. Biggest Loser trainers set up a circuit of upper-body, lower-body, core and cardio exercises, and then have contestants go through each exercise without any rest in between. Most times they go through the circuit multiple times. Want to try this type of workout yourself? Try this circuit-training routine!

5. Yoga. It's not all strength and cardio at The Biggest Loser ranch. Contestants also do regular yoga sessions to prevent injury, improve flexibility and range of motion, and to better connect and accept themselves as their bodies and mindsets change.

Jennipher Walters is the CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites and A certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and regularly writes about all things fitness and wellness for various online publications.