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Harley Pasternak: The Inside Scoop on His Celebrity Clients

Jordana Brewster Stays Consistent

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Fast Five star Jordana Brewster has everyone wondering how she got that killer body. Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak says it’s a combination of consistently working out—Brewster hits the gym five days a week—and mixing up her training sessions to target all the muscles in her body. To tone her abs, Brewster focuses on the rectus abdominis (the six-pack muscles), the transverse abdominis (the deepest abdominal muscles), and the obliques (the muscles on the sides of your torso) each on a different day of the week.

Hilary Duff Doesn't Spot Reduce

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Even celebrities have "problem areas," but Pasternak doesn't believe in spot reduction. In fact, he told that it can backfire and bulk up the area you’re trying to reduce! As with all his clients, Pasternak focuses on total body fitness with Hilary Duff. "Hilary is great at hamstring work," he says. Two of her best exercises: deadlifts and prone hamstring curls. (Stop making these 3 common deadlift mistakes.)

Amanda Seyfried Sculpts Her Lower Body

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Pasternak has nothing but praise for one of Hollywood's newest leading ladies, Amanda Seyfried. "She has a butt you can bounce quarters off of." Seyfried works hard for her bangin’ lower body by cross training with the elliptical, jumping rope, and doing skater lunges and step ups.

Megan Fox Mixes Up Her Cardio

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Pasternak knows that for best results, each of his A-list clients requires a unique workout plan. What does that mean for Megan Fox? "Megan has great muscular structure. We use resistance training with little rest to get her cardio in."

Jennifer Hudson Goes Sleeveless

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The world is abuzz over Jennifer Hudson's dramatic weight-loss. While Miss Hudson credits much of her success to Weight Watchers, she also hits the gym with Pasternak. After giving birth to her son, Hudson was determined to sculpt sleek, sexy arms, specifically her triceps, Pasternak says. The singer certainly has no problem sporting the sleeveless look these days!

Milla Jovovich Knows Her Strengths

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Milla Jovovich kicks serious butt in her movies and in the gym. Jovovich's strength is in her arms and shoulders, Pasternak says. One of her favorite exercises to target those sleek shoulders: dumbbell lateral raises.

Ashley Greene Gets Fit Outdoors

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Ashley Greene is one of Pasternak's most dedicated clients. "Ashley has incredible cardio fitness," he says. Now that it's warming up, Pasternak encourages his clients to fit in their cardio—and their daily dose of vitamin D—out in the sun. "It's great psychologically and physically."

Vanessa Williams Busts Excuses

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Singer, actress, producer Vanessa Williams is in amazing shape for a busy mother of three. "She works out really hard," Pasternak says. To keep her gorgeous gams trim and toned, Williams does a lot of single-leg squats. (She also eats these foods.)

Lady Gaga Maximizes Gym Time

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Lady Gaga gets nearly all the cardiovascular training she needs from her rehearsals and performances. So when the superstar hits the gym with Pasternak, they focus on strength training rather than doubling up on cardio. So that’s the secret to rocking leather briefs!

Alicia Keys Pumps Up the Cardio

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Pasternak says Alicia Keys is the strongest runner out of all his clients. The singer-turned-actress (and new mom) fell in love with long-distance running while training for her role in the movie Smokin' Aces. Keys became so hooked that she even traveled to Greece to sweat through the original marathon route. You don't have to be that ambitious, Pasternak says. Start walking and then progress to intervals of walking and jogging. Steadily add more jogging and you'll be heading out for a summer run before you know it.

Harley Pasternak Gets America Fit

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In addition to training some of Hollywood’s hottest stars, Pasternak is also the best-selling author of The 5 Factor World Diet, and he is partnering with Centrum to get America fit for summer. In their Text to Win contest, you can win a trip to LA to train with Pasternak himself (just text the word "CENTRUM" to 89800). "[The winner] can really see how brief the workouts are, what we do, how there is no screaming and yelling. It's actually simple. Not easy, but simple." Click here for more special offers!


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