By Jennipher Walters

Hilary Duff stepped out with her man Mike Comrie this past weekend, showing off a set of strong arms and toned legs. So just how does this singer/actress stay so trim and fit? We have her secrets!

How Hilary Duff Stays in Good Shape

1. Circuit training. Nothing burns more calories in a short amount of time like circuit training. After a warm-up, Duff goes through a series of upper-body, lower-body and ab exercises to build muscle fast.

2. She focuses on her best features. According to Duff's trainer Harley Pasternak, it's all about full-body conditioning - not just "spot reducing." Pasternak focuses on total-body fitness and has Duff do exercises to work her best assets, including deadlifts and prone hamstring curls for her toned legs.

3. She keeps her diet clean. You can't be fit without a good eating plan, and Duff certainly has that. She's a big fan of chopped salads, egg white omelets and fish!

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