As reports come in that Kate Bosworth and her long-term boyfriend Alexander Skarsgård have split, we have little doubt that some new cute guy will scoop her up. Why? Because Bosworth is such a cutie! Here's how she stays in shape for movies and just for her everyday life!

5 Ways Kate Bosworth Stays in Shape

1. Running. One of Bosworth's favorite workouts is running. It burns calories, tones the legs and makes you feel great. She also loves to walk her dog!

2. Weight training. When it comes to staying toned and movie-ready, Bosworth knows that weight training is the way to go. It's all about building that lean muscle!

3. She takes on active roles. Talk about a fit career! By starring in movies like Blue Crush, Bosworth works her fitness into her work. For the surfing movie, she gained a reported 15 pounds of calorie-burning muscle!

4. She goes on vacay. Because Bosworth works hard, she makes sure to take time out for herself when she needs it with vacations. She's been known to frequent The Hazelton Hotel in Toronto to de-stress and recharge.

5. She eats her veggies. Like most of us know, working out is only part of the equation when it comes to being healthy and staying in shape. Bosworth sticks to a healthy diet by loading up on veggies at every meal and keeping her portion sizes in check.

We can't wait to see who Bosworth dates next!