By Jennipher Walters
June 21, 2011

On Father's Day, Katie Holmes hit Miami beach with her daughter Suri for a little fun in the sun, showing off her fit body in a bikini. So just how does Katie Holmes stay in shape, even after having a little one? She loves to work out and makes it a way of life!

3 Ways Katie Holmes Stays in Bikini-Ready Shape

1. Running. Holmes famously trained for and ran the New York City Marathon. Running a marathon takes dedication and hours and hours of running - Holmes really does enjoy a challenge!

2. Dance. After a stint on Broadway, it's no secret that Holmes likes to dance. And dancing burns calories along with building coordination, cardiovascular endurance and core strength!

3. Walking. Holmes knows that being fit isn't just about hitting the gym. Instead, it's about working activity into all of your day, including going for walks and parking a little farther away to get in more steps.

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