By Alanna Nunez
July 29, 2011

David Letterman better watch out! When Kirstie Alley appeared on his show last night, she came prepared: Armed with a paper she pulled from her bra, she confronted Letterman with a list of jokes he'd made about her weight. After he admitted that yes, he was guilty of making fat jokes about her, he claimed that he would have made jokes about her even if she was skinny, before saying, "Eh, probably not!"

We think Alley has a good sense of humor about her weight, and we love what she's done to become fitter and healthier. Here are the ways that Kirstie Alley stays in shape!

How Kirstie Alley Stays Healthy And Fit

1. Dancing! Alley lost 60 pounds on the set of Dancing With The Stars. She's reported that she spent more than four hours per day working out, learning different choreography and preparing for the show. Since then, she's dropped another 30 pounds!

2. Organic Liaison. Alley admitted that she had a huge soda and candy habit, but she kicked that to the curb and started her own weight-loss program called Organic Liaison. Alley says that the program allows her to customize her diet plans and includes her famous "green soup." Even Oprah's a fan of this!

3. She gives herself a break. Everybody remembers the famous fall Alley took on DWTS. She later admitted that she almost passed out during the dance and that she was running on about 150 calories that day. She credited her dancing partner with helping her realize that her eating habits had gone past dieting and become dangerous to her health. We're glad she realized that being healthy is what's most important!