She's the epitome of speed and strength—so we put her fitness IQ to the test

By By the editors of
January 27, 2016

Lolo Jones has shown us her athletic prowess by dominating at both the winter and summer Olympic games as a bobsledder and hurdler. She's shown us how hilarious she is (just check out her speed round interview and the goofy shots on her Instagram feed).

As part of the elite group of just 10 American athletes and 25 women worldwide who have competed in both Olympics, you know Jones has to be on her fitness game 24/7-especially now, as she trains for her fourth Olympic appearance, the 2016 summer games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. She's on the rebound from what she calls her worst year professionally; with two surgeries during the track season and multiple hamstring tears, she missed two months of races due to injuries. But throughout it all, she's maintained a kickass attitude and she's still gunning for that gold medal. And her new year is off to a fresh start, with a billboard in Times Square and hugs from President Obama. If it were up to us (why isn't it?), we'd say that she'll finally bring home some Olympic hardware in 2016.

To see if she's really got her head in the game, we decided to put Jones' fitness IQ to the test. We quizzed her on the gluteus maximus, running on carbs, and the truth about women who lift weights. Turns out, there are some things that even the best athletes might not know. See how your fitness IQ compares to the one of the women who we think proves that being strong is dead sexy.


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