By Alanna Nunez
July 27, 2011

Let's face it: Losing weight can be really, really tough. It's especially tough when you're busy and the last thing you want to do is go to the grocery store and waste time wandering down the aisles trying to figure out what you "can" and "can't" eat. So we went to the Hungry Girl for advice. Lisa Lillien isn't a nutritionist or a dietitian; she's a New York Times bestselling author, Food Network star and a self-proclaimed "hungry girl" who loves eating and provides easy-to-follow, realistic advice to millions of women each week with her Hungry Girl newsletter.

Here are her top tips on navigating the grocery store!

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien's top tips on navigating the grocery store

1. Don't shop when you're hungry. If you shop when you're hungry, you'll just want to start tossing things in your cart, and that can derail your eating habits, Lillien says.

2. Write everything down. Lillien says it helps her to write exactly what she needs or wants down before she goes to the grocery store. In this way, you can be sure of what you're going to the store to get and if you really want or need it.

3. Read the labels. Flip the box or can over and really read the label and do the math, Lillien says. She stresses that it's important to be aware of everything from the amount of calories to the kind of sweetener that's in the food.

4. Avoid trigger foods. This advice works great when you're eating out, too. Lillien admits that she loves mashed potatoes and "would eat four servings a day if I could," so she tries to avoid them when she goes out and will purchase or order something else instead.

This is good advice about what not to do or eat, but we were curious: What does a Hungry Girl eat? Although Lillien avoids starches like mashed potatoes and pasta, she confessed that she loves sushi and rice. "I probably eat sushi four times per week, and when I do, I'll order rice," she says. "I could never give that up."

She also told SHAPE that she stocks her fridge with Laughing Cow cheese, almond milk, egg whites, lean proteins like chicken and turkey, and broccoli coleslaw. "Not just me-I have bunnies and they'll eat the coleslaw, too!"