10 Fun Fitness Facts with Dreama Walker

How the star of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 stays healthy, happy, and fit.


With memorable roles on both Gossip Girl and The Good Wife to her edgy new sitcom premiering tonight (April 11) on ABC, Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23, this talented actress puts the ‘dream' in Dreama.

Wide-eyed, bubbly beauty Dreama Walker clearly knows how to rock any role and sports a healthy attitude about her fit and fabulous bod, to match.

"You have to make being in good health a lifestyle choice, but not be obsessive about it. We all feel better when we're eating well, but it's totally OK to splurge once in awhile!" Walker says. "I'm definitely at the age and time in my life where I'm just really happy with where I'm at."

The best part? She's as funny as she is fit! Read on to get the scoop on the workout she loves most, her latest healthy food obsession, and why she doesn't give in to body pressure in Hollywood.

1. She loves her daily dose of ‘dance time.' "I close all my curtains to make sure no one can see me, then I turn on my favorite songs and pretend I'm in a really sweet music video," Walker says. "I imagine myself looking way cooler than I actually do, but it's such a great thing for cardio!"

2. She's obsessed with the Liquid Juice Bar in L.A. "They have an amazing Acai bowl filled with acai berries, strawberries, almond butter, almond milk, granola, and bananas," she says. "It's so divine, delicious, and really good for you-I go there four to five times per week."

3. She's not a fan of running. "I run funny and it's just embarrassing!" the fun-loving star jokes. "It's awful, I don't look cool at all. Then I get bored, angry, irritable… running is my least favorite thing to do."

4. She believes in all things active. "I try to do something active every day, whether it's going for a long walk, getting in a good hike, or doing my dance time," she says.

5. She's dying to get back into ballet. "Now that I don't have to take it and I'm an adult, I would love to get back into it! It's so wonderful for posture, muscles... everything."

6. She knows how to deal with body pressure. "I'm just another girl in Hollywood that doesn't deprive myself, is in good shape and really healthy, but not rail thin. I love taking care of myself but I'm not obsessed," Walker says. "We need to love what we look like and always love the best version of you!"

7. She loves Pressed Juicery. "The kale, spinach, and lemon drink is so good! It's a meal replacement and gives me all the fruit and veggie servings I need."

8. She's a major carbavore. "I remember thinking French fries and mayonnaise was disgusting, and unfortunately now I think it's incredible!" she admits. "I also have a really bad sweet tooth, but it's all in moderation."

9. She broke her arm attempting a cartwheel. "I was doing a round off, and for some reason I forgot to put my arms down," Walker says. "I was 10, and clearly very athletically-challenged at the time!"

10. Scarlett Johansson is a fitness role model. "I love her because she's healthy and curvy… more women in Hollywood should be like that. Halle Berry also has an amazing, ridiculous body; It's not even fair!"

Catch Walker starring in Don't Trust the B---in Apartment 23 Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

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