Celebrity psychic Jusstine Kenzer's foolproof plan to living your best life.

Ever wish you could see into the future and get a glimpse at what lies ahead? Well, some people can-and their insight provides a unique perspective that can help us pave the way to get exactly what we want in life.

We caught up with psychic to the stars Jusstine Kenzer of Psychicgirl.com, who has worked with Eva Longoria, Ellen Degeneres, Carmen Electra, and Teri Hatcher, to find out her six-step plan to making over your life-and getting exactly what you want!

Step 1: Clear the Clutter

"You have to let go of what is no longer serving you in order to make room for what is next in your life," Kenzer says. "For some reason, people are ‘energetic hoarders' who can't let go of negativity."

Think of it as a spring cleaning of sorts. "Look at your life as a jam-packed closet full of old clothes you haven't worn in ages and have no chance of coming back in style.You can't fit anything new into your closet until you get rid of the old and unusable," she says.

Step 2: Know What You Want

Know what you desire to have in life, beyond the Birkin Bag. "You have to truly know what you want in order to get it, and I'm not talking about a new purse here," Kenzer says. "If you think you really desire something, stop and think about what your life would look like in one year, five years, and 10 years down the road with this ‘want' in it."

Step 3: Think with Your Heart

Sometimes logical thinking just gets in the way, according to Kenzer. "Manifest your desires with your heart, not your mind. Our hearts are much more aligned with our spiritual path while our minds are stuck trying to figure things out, which ultimately just makes us stuck and unable to move forward."

Step 4: Visualize What You Want

"You must be able to see what you want in order for the universe to help you bring it in," the psychic says. "The more you can visualize and sense what you want in your life; it's like an energetic ordering code you are requesting from the universe bringing what you want into your physical world."

Step 5: Give, Not Take

We've all heard that the more you give, the more you get in return-and that goes spiritually too. "Receive what you want by giving," Kenzer says. "The more you truly give of yourself to others around you, the more others can give to you." Kenzer explains that this doesn't mean money or material goods, but just kind acts such as listening to a friend who is going through a tough time.

Step 6: Do like ‘The Donald' Does

Donald Trump has the right idea, Kenzer jokes. "You must love yourself," she says. "People think they will get more of what they want by being harder on themselves when the reality is we get more of what we want by being more compassionate and loving toward ourselves!"

To hear more of Jusstine's tips, visit her download page at Psychicgirl.com/products