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9 Healthy (and Not So Healthy) Things You Don't Know About TBL Star Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels Could Have Been a Contender on The Biggest Loser

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"I was 12 when my parents divorced. I had been a chubby kid anyway, but that was when I hit 175 pounds—and I was only 5 feet tall. Those were the
'80s and there was a lack of knowledge about diet. My mom thought juice was better than soda and crackers were healthier than chips. Obesity wasn't on the radar the way it is now."

Karate was Jillian Michaels' Savior

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"My mother enrolled me in a martial arts class, and I felt comfortable there right away. I was bullied at my school, but in karate I was surrounded by people who were accepting of me. My first big test was when I was 13; I had to break two boards with a side kick. I was sure I would fail, but the day of the test—bam!—
I snapped them right in half. From that day on, no one at school bothered me again."

Not Everything Jillian Michaels Eats is "Good" for Her

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"I give food a number on a scale from one to 10. Ones are superfoods
and will practically cure cancer
, like organic spinach. Tens are crap that could
kill you tomorrow, like a prepackaged cupcake. The highest I'll go is a five or six. For example, I adore Popchips. They're 100 calories a bag—no preservatives, no trans fats, and no artificial sweeteners. Is it a superfood? No. But will it kill me? No!"

Jillian Michaels Eats 2,000 Calories a Day!

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"Right now, I'm loving Nature's Path Hemp Waffles for breakfast. My cleanest meal is lunch because it's usually a salad with seafood. And dinner is often something from my book The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook, like the black bean chili."

Jillian Michaels is a Conflicted Vegetarian

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"I don't eat chicken or red meat, but not because I think they're unhealthy. I do believe we're omnivores and should have healthy meat once a week or so. But personally, I can't eat it because I'm such an animal lover. I've been rescuing dogs since I was 17."

Jillian Michaels Has Trouble Zones

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"There's this one dimple on the back of my butt that's like a cavern. I swear to you, it's just un-friggin'-believable! No matter how thin I get, I still have cellulite. I've tried every cream. I've ironed my ass at the plastic surgeon's office with a laser—nothing worked. I've finally reached a point where I accept my flaw, but that doesn't mean I feel good about it."

Jillian Michaels Never Weighs Herself

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"I have a scale, but I don't use it. I don't even want to look at it. My jeans tell me when I'm off track. If you're trying to lose or gain weight, the scale is a good compass but not necessarily an indication of how fit you are. Just because you're not overweight doesn't mean you're healthy."

Jillian Michaels is Proud to Be in Therapy

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"I've been seeing a shrink since I was 5. I said to him the other day, ‘How am I still talking to you? Why am I not the Buddha at this point?' But it does help control those behaviors that can send you to the fridge or compel you to tell your boss to shove it!"

Jillian Michaels is Ready to Be a Mom

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"While filming Losing It last year, I lived with these amazing kids. It was such a powerful experience for me. I recognized that I have a giant hole in my life, and it was the deciding factor for me to adopt a child."

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