Arianna Huffington Says "Energy Management" Is the New "Time Management"

It's the concept behind her new Thrive Global app.

Arianna Huffington Says "Energy Management" Is the New "Time Management"

Time management has been considered the key to success for years. But technology has changed all that. The new path to success? Energy management.

"What we accomplish is a function of our energy, not the function of how much time we have," says Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global. Our overreliance on technology, combined with the fact that many of us are working harder than ever and sleeping less, means we need to actively create a space for rest and rejuvenation, Huffington says.

"We are growing more and more addicted to our phones and social media, and the impact is getting worse and worse…mental health, depression, and anxiety-people are feeling isolated from each other," Huffington shared in her keynote speech at the BlogHer 18 Health Conference in New York last month.

The American Psychological Association's Stress in America survey showed that 86 percent of Americans check email, texts, and social media "constantly" or "often." But here's the good news-if you're a part of that 86 percent, Huffington's new Thrive app (available now on the Google Play App Store, and soon for iPhone iOS users) can help you take back control of your life, your time, and ultimately, your energy.

According to Huffington, the app was designed to help us set boundaries with technology and take a break from our phones so that we can do the things that make us feel more alive.

The app lets you put your phone in "Thrive Mode," which limits all notifications, calls, and texts. (Calls and texts from people on your "VIP list" will always go through.) While you are in "Thrive Mode," an auto-reply will let others know that you're taking time away from your phone, along with when you will be available again. Whether it's a moment "when you want to have real-time, do deep work, or to meditate," the mode helps you take time to feel more human, Huffington says. So feel free to curl up with your favorite book, go for that hike, or just simply take some time to breathe-all sans interruptions.

The app is all about making technology work for us and not against us, she says. So if social media or other apps on your phone are taking you away from the present moment, the app can also monitor your usage. It's all about "micro steps," Huffington reminds us. Look at the Thrive app as "a digital coach to help us make small behavioral changes that dramatically improve our lives." By setting goals around how much you use specific apps, other goals in your life will be more achievable, the time we share with one another will be more enjoyable, and our overall time will be more manageable.

Ultimately, Huffington hopes we will "truly shift the country [and] go from a nation who values always being on to a nation that also values recharging and personal rejuvenation."

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