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The Meditation App Ashley Benson Swears By to Calm Her Anxiety

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Many celebs have opened up about their struggles with mental health—whether about depression, anxiety, or body image—to create a more open and honest dialogue. Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson has been taking part, regularly speaking out about her struggle with anxiety. When talking with Shape during the launch of SmartyPaws, she dished about the ways she fights her anxiety with meditation, exercise, and self-care. (Related: The Best Meditation Apps for Beginners)

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"I have this meditation app called Breathe and if I ever feel like I have an anxiety or panic attack coming on, it's the first thing I put on," she says. "I do a 10- to 15-minute meditation and it helps alleviate all the symptoms. I mean, it takes more than that, but it's definitely a good start, calming my mind and quieting all the craziness going on in there."

Staying active is another key strategy Benson uses to keep herself level-headed. Her workout routines include walks with her two dogs (Walter and Olive), Pilates, boxing (Rumble is a fave), and SoulCycle. "I love a lot of fast-moving exercises, but Pilates is the one that is a little bit slower but that kicks your ass," she says.


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She also said surrounding herself with a good group of friends—and it doesn't have to be a lot of people—is very important to her. In fact, her friends help to inspire her every day, she says. (Related: How Busy Philipps Is Teaching Her Daughters Body Confidence)

And to anyone out there who is wondering how to deal with their own anxiety, Benson suggests looking into incorporating self-care: "Take time out of the day to relax, get massages, work out, take baths, take a nap if necessary, anything that kind of relaxes you is key."

Her go-tos: "I try to get a lot of sleep because if not, I'll get anxiety," she says. Plus, taking baths. "I'll sit in the bathtub and watch TV shows with candles and make it very peaceful." 


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