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#AskJillian: Jillian Michaels’ Twitterview Transcript


After the announcement of her return to the Biggest Loser season 14, we were so excited to have a chance to chat with our September cover model Jillian Michaels in a live Twitterview on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. Not only did the mother-of-two answer our questions about returning to the show, her personal diet, and balancing it all, she answered readers' questions live, sharing her tips for losing weight, getting in shape, and more. In case you weren’t able to get in on the conversation, check out her answers in the complete transcript here!

@JillianMichaels: We're thrilled to hear you're back on @biggestlosernbc. What made you decide to return? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I'm really excited about working with overweight teens on @biggestlosernbc this season. #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Having been an overweight teen myself and now as the mother of two this issue is extremely close to my heart. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: We understand they will be ages 13-17 on @biggestlosernbc. How did that come about? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: NBC & the new producers feel the show—being successful has a responsibility 2 give back & try 2 make an impact #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: If we want to workout with our kids, how would you suggest we go about that? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Depends on age but play w/ them—no matter the age. Go outside, play tag, toss a ball. It's common sense really. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: When you decided as a teen to slim down, what did you do in  terms of diet and exercise? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Martial arts. It built my self-esteem and my body. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Did your friends and family support you? In what ways? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I was a real loner as a kid & my parents were in the middle of a crazy divorce but Mom was always there for me. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Did you encounter any resistance/negativity? What? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: No, none. #AskJillian
 @JillianMichaels: @JeanneMallory asks how you overcome the mental struggle when you don't have family/friend support? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Build a support system w/ like-minded ppl. Go to a fitness class, join a running group or online community etc. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: If you could point your finger at one thing, what’s the top reason you see diets fail? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Lack of knowledge. People buy into fad diets and don't want to do the work. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What can we do to combat this common pitfall? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!  You have to count calories and eat clean.  Common sense. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What are some of the craziest things you saw in people’s kitchens while filming Losing it with Jillian? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Honestly it's the same crap you see in most homes, processed everything - meat, grains, dairy. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: @BarbaraANN76 would like advice for eating right for low income families. #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Buy in bulk, frozen, store brands.  Shop online or farmers markets. Clip coupons, join a CSA or co-op. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What are your top food/meal choices for eating on a budget? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Beans and whole grains. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Can you share a few of your favorite healthy food swaps? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Quinoa pasta for processed. Avocado for mayo. Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Apple sauce instead of butter #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: If there was one food you could take out of the American diet what would it be and why? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Gonna cheat & choose an ingred. Hydrogenated oil/trans fat.Heart disease is #1 killer in US—It plays a big part #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: And if you could insist we all add one food item to daily diets, what would it be? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Gosh... one only??  Greens. They are loaded with phytonutrients, fiber, water and very low in calories.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Do you count calories? If so, how many do you eat a day? If not, why not? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I do actually. When I train I shoot for 2000 and when I don't I shoot for around 1600-1700.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: When it comes to food how do you indulge and how often? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Every day. 200 calories worth. But I don't eat chemicals. Sugar in moderation. Chemicals never. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Do you cook most of your own meals? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: No...I wish. But we have a few healthy places that we regularly frequent so we manage. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Eating right at restaurants can be tough. What would a dinner order look like for you at your fave restaurant? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: We have a place we love called Plate. I get a beet&goat cheese salad w/cedar plank salmon w/steamed green beans #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: if you had to eat fast food where you go? Can you give us a few healthier options?  #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Closest I get to "fast food" is smthng like Chipotle. I get the fajita plate, side of black beans, fish tacos #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Are there any restaurants you would never eat at? What? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Burger King, Carls Junior... gross.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: We know your kids are too young but if they were going back to school, what would you put in their lunchboxes? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Actually Lu is going to school at the moment. It serves healthy food, which is a BIG part of why we chose it. #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I'd put healthy sandwiches, fruits, crackers, and cheese in her lunch bag. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What did you have for dinner last night? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Sushi!  Mostly sashimi, but I did have a few pieces of spicy tuna w/no mayo & baked crab hand roll w/no mayo. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What did you have for breakfast this morning? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I had an ezekial english muffin with almond butter.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Have you worked out or does that come later? What does YOUR workout look like? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Honestly it comes whenever I can find the time. I’m actually on the stair climber at the gym right now! #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Did you have a snack? If yes, what, and how late do you eat? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Not yet, but I will.  I eat every four hours so 4 x a day. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Aside from working out and healthy eating, what are your hobbies? Do you even have leisure time for hobbies? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Love riding my horses, paddle boarding & motorcycle riding (which I don't do much now that I have kids) sigh #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Most people veg on the couch in down time. What do you like to do to really relax? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Get my mom to babysit and sleep! #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: You have great arms, what is your favorite move for sculpting them? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I do body weight training predominantly so push-ups, pull ups, and dips are key for me.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What is your favorite move for sculpting a lifted booty? This one can be a challenge! #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I go back to basics on this one. Squats, squats, and more squats. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Are there any exercise moves you hate doing but keep in your routine because they are so good? What? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: RUNNING. I loathe it!! #AskJillian
@morganblake92: Can GMO be in organic foods? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: no! However as of yet they aren't required to label gmo so make sure to vote on that this year!
@katyruddrn: What do you say to critics of clean, organic eating with the latest study saying organic isn't more nutritious? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: the point of organics isn't about what u get it's about what u don't! No pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc
@ashlv317: I like the style of clothes u wear. What r ur fav clothing stores? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: for fitness I wear k Swiss. They make clothes for me. For fashion I like Jeffrey in NY and Maxfields in LA.
@HauteHealthy: What do you recommend as a ratio for cardio/strength training per week? #AskJillian 
@JillianMichaels: I blend them whenev possible. I circuit train so I challenge my cardiovascular system w strength exercises
@liturzaeta: Now that your a Mom what is the one thing that has changed your view? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: gosh it's everything not 1 thing. I realized that u can have it all. Just not at the same


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