Plus, how she completely changed her lifestyle without going crazy.

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Beth Behrs

Getty Images/Desiree Navarro

Actress Beth Behrs did a complete mind-body 180, ditching junk food and kicking her own ass-and attitude-into killer shape. Then she wrote a book about it. Learn from her missteps, give her the praise hands, and remember, if she can do it, you can too.

Take Baby Steps

"When I started filming 2 Broke Girls, I actually was broke, so I was eating all the junk food they kept on set. But then I developed a skin rash that lasted over six months. The doctors said that it was due to stress, my diet, and lack of exercise. I thought, 'How can I change this all at once?' I couldn't. So I did it slowly, with short walks and things like choosing a piece of fruit over soda when I needed sweets."

Boredom Is the Death of Exercise

"I need to shake it up, or I lose momentum. I love 'Yoga With Adriene' videos on YouTube, cardio hip-hop, and kickboxing."

Keep Your Heroes on Standby

"Carli Lloyd is #bodygoals. Actually, the whole U.S. women's national soccer team is. I know they train like crazy, but it's not just their bodies that I admire, it's everything they stand for as women." (Related: The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Shares What They Love Most About Their Bodies.)

There's No Such Thing As Superhuman

"My book, The Total Me-Tox, is about self-care and self-love, and how they lead to success and empowerment. My goal is to encourage women to be their best selves in a warm, friendly way. Think: human, not superhuman."

Get Your Brain In the Game

"Me-tox' means doing what works for you; for me, that's 20 minutes of meditation, twice a day." (See also: Beth Behrs Discovers the Only Detox Worth Doing.)

Beth, 31, is a star of the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls. Her debut book, The Total Me-Tox: How to Ditch Your Diet, Mover Your Body & Love Your Life, offers down to eart advice for getting healthier and fitter.