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Beyoncé Partners with 22 Days Nutrition


Beyoncé is not quiet about living a healthy lifestyle (after all, just when we thought it was over, Beyoncé declared Kale is still a thing). She has confessed to doing a tomato diet and the Master Cleanse in preparation for Dream Girls, and her most recent diet escapade was a well-documented 22-day vegan cleanse with husband Jay-Z. 

Now, to really prove she has put her Pepsi days behind her, Queen Bey has picked a side among all the plant-based diet players. The (unsurprising) winner: 22 Days Nutrition, the maker of Bey & J's famed spiritual and physical cleanse. The brand is backed by the belief that it takes 21 days to break a habit and on day 22, you're well on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Bey's partnership with the group is timed around their new at-home meal delivery service which will join the company's offerings of cleanse products and nutrition bars clothed in gold wrappers (Willy Wonka was there first). But what exactly will her partnership with the company mean? "Single Ladies" playing while you eat? Surfbort-shaped foods? We'll have to wait to find out! And while we're not sure just how much a 22-day meal delivery service can change our lives (though it sounds cool), if Beyoncé has attached herself to it, we're willing to check it out. We'll gladly try whatever food that's responsible for the Queen's curved and toned body! (She's just one of our Best Celebrity Bikini Bodies of 2015.)


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