We talked to the singer and CALIA designer about why she *doesn't* like changing up her workouts and her go-trick for setting new PRs.


It's been nearly three years since Carrie Underwood first announced her foray into fitness fashion with her CALIA workout line, and it's only gotten better since. Her fall collection features color blocking, mesh, fun prints-pretty much everything you want in a stylish workout wardrobe. At an event to celebrate the new fall line, we chatted with the singer about her trick for setting a new PR, the workout accessory she can't live without, and the surprising thing that keeps her motivated.

She's a creature of (fitness) habit: "I stick to my tried-and-true fitness routine [running and weight training]. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This will only last until it gets cold-but I've been doing a lot of running outside. Getting outside when it's a nice day is really good for my mental state."

Her trick for setting PRs: "I always plug in. I need music. I can't hear my steps on the pavement. If I do it makes it harder. And if I have good music to run to I feel like I go faster. But I am constantly trying to like beat my times. Sometimes I'll do Apple Music rock workout or other times I'll pick Nelly radio, because I feel like that one's kind of safe and it's a little old-school and not too aggressive!"

The fitness accessory she can't live without: "I've been rocking a Fitbit for like three and a half years. It feels wrong if I don't have it on. *shows tan line*. My step count is 10,000 now. My son likes to go play soccer and kick the ball around so I get tons of steps chasing after him. Still, I've never gotten into the twenty-thousands. But I also do a lot of like weights and things like that-I'm kind of sad that I don't get steps for that! My mom and my mother-in-law are both in my Fitbit friend group and beat me on a daily basis. I'm like Unfair! It's been an hour of weight training and I've only gotten a thousand steps?"

Her fitness motivation: "My husband [retired professional hockey player, Mike Fisher] and I don't really do the same workout, but we work out in the same space. I like to watch him work out. That sounds creepy. And he's got a six-pack no matter what so I'm like man, I've got to keep up with him. I'm slacking!"

The workout mantra she sticks by: "I follow the original CALIA mantra-'stay the path'-because you know, wherever you are in your life, we can veer off and there are things that can derail us once in a while, but you just do your best to get back on and remember your goals."