Veronica Corningstone is back! Christina Applegate chats about motherhood, fitness, and her favorite funny film moments.

By Ashley Ross
August 09, 2013

Christina Applegate will return as Veronica Corningstone this December in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and we cannot wait to see the sassy, snappy anchorwoman back in action. But while the rest of America not-so-patiently focuses on this role, Applegate's head is set on another one: mom. We sat down with the star, who's fronting the campaign for fruitwater, Glaceau's new sparkling beverage, to chat about fame, fitness, and life with two-year-old Sadie.

SHAPE: Tell us about your involvement with fruitwater.

CA: I think they looked at me as this mom who needs to have a break in life. There are so many moms and women out there who are juggling it all, and it's nice to sit down with something that doesn't have any calories. It tastes really good and it gives you that satiable moment of sweet and sparkle. My favorite flavor is the orange mango.

SHAPE: Sounds like it might be a good mixer….

CA: I'm not going to say I haven't tried it and I'm not going to say I have, but, no, it actually is a good mixer, it's like a little mango mojito kind of vibe.

SHAPE: You're a vegetarian. How do you manage your day-to-day diet?

CA: It's gotten harder having a little person around. I don't know how others maintain their same lifestyle when they have someone they're cooking for. Even though Sadie eats incredibly healthy, she eats a lot that I wouldn't. She has a very fast metabolism and she needs a lot more calories than mama does! It's been hard to maintain the perfect diet for myself. For breakfast, I juice a big green juice and I try to get in as much raw food and protein as I can, obviously plant proteins and legumes but sometimes it's late at night and there's a frozen pizza in there and sometimes it's all you've got! You don't have the energy to chop up a bunch of vegetables. I go to frozen pizza or soy chicken nuggets when I need a five-minute meal.

SHAPE: Do you have any favorite recipes you can enjoy with your daughter, too?

CA: I made something for her the other day that was so good. She really loves olives and she's always trying to steal them out of my salad. The other night I wanted to do a vegetarian puttanesca. We have a vegetable garden so I got yellow squash, zucchini, basil, onions, kale, butter beans, garlic-it's probably not puttanesca, but what made it was the kalamata olives, and it was so good, and everything that was in it was from our garden except for the noodles. I've never seen her eat more.

SHAPE: Sounds like she has a sophisticated palate!

CA: She has an incredible palate, it kind of freaks me out. She likes the sourest of the sour and spiciest of the spicy and she'll eat anything! I've never seen her spit anything out besides almond milk. She loves vegetables. If you ask her what her favorite food is, she says veggies. You go to a restaurant, she asks for kale.

SHAPE: How has your fitness routine changed since your daughter was born?

CA: Well, the routine used to be: go take a spin class for 40 minutes, and then drive from there to my trainer and train for an hour. The days I couldn't do that, I'd run at least five miles and then go work out with my trainer. That was, like, a 5- or 6-day-a-week plan. Or I would take dance classes with Doug Caldwell. But that doesn't happen anymore! I have a little gym at my house and my trainer comes over and for one hour we get in as much weight work and cardio [as we can] before Sadie gets up from her nap. Exercise is not as fun as it used to be, it's harder now. I have a spin bike at home. Today I didn't have time to see my trainer so I got on the bike for half an hour and kind of zoned out.

SHAPE: So much has come up with post-baby bodies in Hollywood. If the conversation were to change, how would you like to see it change?

CA: I think it's sick that we even post pictures of people in their post-baby bodies or talk about it. It upsets me so much because not only does it make a woman feel bad if she hasn't lost all their baby weight, it's not realistic. Sure, a 25-year-old can pop out a kid and in five weeks have her body back, but that has to do with genetics, with their metabolism, it has to do with the fact that they spend more time at the gym than they do at home. There are so many factors. I think that we need to embrace that a woman just did something pretty incredible for nine months and fed this child and built fingers and elbows and eyes and just went through pushing this human out of her body. And she's allowed to sit around and relax and rest before she has to think about herself. As soon as a child comes out of you, you don't matter as much any more. The last thing I thought when I had my daughter was better get to the gym. It was, I need to make sure I'm getting enough sleep so I can feed her every three hours.

SHAPE: Obviously, everyone is so excited for Anchorman 2. What can you tell us about it?

CA: This is the bigger, badder, crazier version of what we did 10 years ago. There are so many more people in it, so many more things happening. It's exactly what you'd expect. You don't want the same, you want an explosion, and I think that's done. I haven't seen the final cut, I don't know what ended up in the film, but I think people are going to be pleased. From what we did on set and how much fun we had, I hope people can feel the fun we had. I can't say anything about the plot, though.

SHAPE: Do you have any favorite memories from the set?

CA: I think about doing the first Anchorman, I was around a group of people that were so supportive and so loose and genius in what they came up with. I know Paul Rudd came to my trailer one day and it was sort of a common occurrence that he would say, "Christina, let's go, Steve's up." And whenever Steve Carell was up, we had to go to set to watch. Not too many people knew Steve yet and we were so excited and proud to watch him be so brilliant. I felt the same way when I worked with Melissa McCarthy. I wanted every one to "get" her and appreciate her, and now I see both of these people who I wanted to take over the world and they have, and I'm so proud.

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