We caught up with the gorgeous actor to discuss his favorite cause, how he stays in shape, and what he looks for in a woman.


He's best known for his role as flashy Hollywood actor Vince Chase on HBO's Entourage. But, one meeting with Adrian Grenier and it's clear that the understated Brooklyn-resident is nothing like his hard-partying character. First sign? He cares about the environment. No, I mean really cares. Second sign? He says he looks for a girl with a charitable heart (cue the "awws"). And, he actually means it. Not that we weren't already in love with him when he played Anne Hathaway's sympathetic boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada.

We caught up with shaggy-haired actor (who is even cuter in person!) at an event announcing SHFT.com's exclusive collaboration with Ford Motor Company. Ford and the eco-lifestyle website Grenier helped create are joining together to inspire people to make smarter environmental decisions through film, design, art, transportation, and culture. Read on to find out how the movie star maintains his health, what wine means to him, and how it's easy being green.

SHAPE: You are into environmental causes, does it reflect in your own life?

ADRIAN GRENIER (AG): Absolutely. First, you need to start with the environment of the body. If you are not healthy and if you don't take care of yourself, you can't possibly do all you can do for the rest of the planet. For me, it's about having a clear mind, a healthy body, eating right, eating organic, and recognizing that you are consuming for nutrition and not just because it's there, or because it's fried. I also go running with my business and producing partner Peter Glatzer. He keeps me motivated. You need a community of people, you know, to live well; you all have to do it together.

SHAPE: One of our readers was curious about alternative therapies. Do you utilize any of those?

AG: There is a therapy called Active Release Technique that has helped me so much. I have some back problems which affects my muscles so they get tired a lot. It's awesome because it reminds me of a combination of sports therapy and Thai massage.

SHAPE: Any other pet causes?

AG: I like to put my energy towards initiatives that are rooted in problems that you can transform and change the issue itself, not just the symptoms. So you get to the heart of the matter. Working with shft.com is important because it actually changes the way people look at the world and gives them the tools to change themselves and to find solutions within themselves. Water is a major issue these days. There is nothing more important than water--it's 70 percent our planet and 70 percent of our body. So that to me is a rooted issue that we have to deal with.

SHAPE: Now to the nitty gritty. What do you look for in a woman?

AG: (laughs) Hmmm. Teeth.

SHAPE: No, really. Not necessarily looks--qualities or traits for example.

AG: Frankly, if you're not looking to better yourself and those around you and really help with the environment, I'm not really interested.

SHAPE: So you look for a charitable person?

AG: I look for somebody who cares about others besides themselves.

SHAPE: That's a good thing! Finally, your Entourage character Vincent Chase. Do you think you are like him at all?

AG: We definitely have similarities, but in other ways we're very different.

SHAPE: What's next? Any other projects in the works?

AG: We (Glatzer and I) are coming out with this California-based wine called Shft house wines. It's a sustainable wine, which means it's made in a way that doesn't deplete natural resources and is good for the environment. I wanted to produce wine because it's a symbol of the lifestyle [I lead]. Many people sit around and communicate with one another over a nice glass of wine. It's a way for people to engage socially. We believe there is wisdom in that engagement so we can all collaborate for solutions that will help the planet. It's also a symbol of the fact that having a sustainable lifestyle doesn't mean it can't also be fun!