The dancing diva reveals her diet and fitness secrets and why she doesn't want to look like Angelina Jolie.

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She's a two-time Dancing with the Stars champion and gorgeous and adorable, to boot. Plus she's a champion for real women everywhere with her even-more real curves. Need any more reason to envy Dancing With the Stars cast member Cheryl Burke? Without succumbing to Hollywood's too-skinny silhouette, Burke's still maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle that we can all learn a thing or two from.

We chatted one-on-one with the dancer at the New York City launch of her new active-wear collaboration with Macy's to find out her favorite fitness tips, beauty secrets, and of course get the skinny on the new line!

SHAPE: What are your favorite fitness tips?

Cheryl Burke: The best advice that anyone ever gave to me was to try and maintain my healthy weight. We all have different body shapes and types and it's not realistic to think that I'm going to look like Angelina Jolie so I can't kill myself trying. I believe in everything in moderation, including exercise. When you obsess about fitness goals they become unhealthy and impossible to achieve.

SHAPE: Besides dancing, what are your everyday fitness routines?

CB: I like to run on my treadmill while catching up with my DVR'd shows and work out with my Jazzercise DVD's a few times a week. They're fun and I don't feel like I'm exercising, which some days can feel like a job.

SHAPE: Any go-to beauty tips you can share with our readers?

CB: My busy schedule doesn't leave much time to worry about shaving, so I rely products that give me long-lasting results. My go-to is Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Pump. It only takes three minutes, but the results last twice as long as shaving. I also believe that a tan glow makes you look healthier and more toned. I rely on my Brown Bunz spray tan and Scott Barnes Body Bling for the show and in my daily life.

SHAPE: What's it like being on Dancing with the Stars?

CB: Being on Dancing with the Stars is an amazing opportunity. I consider myself lucky to be a part of the show and to be able to share my passion and love of dance with such a huge audience while managing to train a few celebrities in ballroom dance along the way. It has literally been life changing for me.

SHAPE: What are your favorite wellness drinks and snacks to keep you going on the go?

CB: I live by green tea with lemon and honey. I'm not really a snack person, but when I do snack I try to stick to foods that are filling and not just empty calories.

SHAPE: Tell us about your new active wear collection collaboration with Macy's?

CB: I was honored when approached, as Ideology is the first activewear brand to be exclusive to Macy's. The line speaks to women of all body types with its feminine cuts, and I know that my fans are going love it. It's affordable and fashionable.

SHAPE: What makes this line different from others on the market?

CB: The colors are so bright and energizing. The line is also so versatile, which fits my often hectic routines--you can wear it when you want to sweat, stretch, run to Starbucks, or just relax.

SHAPE: What types of pieces can we find in the collection?

CB: In my opinion, Ideology has the best sports bras that I've ever come across. There are great tanks and cami's, capris, and yoga pants that lend themselves to mixing and matching. There are also some great jackets so you can wear the line when running errands and not just for running or exercising.

The line launches in February at Macy's stores nationwide.