Steal the sizzling star’s best secrets for staying fit and pretty with such a busy schedule

By Kristen Aldridge
February 15, 2013
Getty Images

When it comes to looking amazing, Meagan Good sure gets the job done! The 31-year-old actress heats up the small screen on NBC's new series Deception, and no question, she looks every inch the leading lady. We were dying to know the sexy star's secrets, so we went one-on-one to talk about her workouts, diet, beauty tips, and more!

SHAPE: You always look so beautiful. Can you tell us what type of workouts you do and how often you exercise?

Meagan Goode (MG): I work with my trainer Augustina about four to five times a week for 45 minutes a day. We start out on the treadmill and then we do a lot of exercises using my own body weight.

SHAPE: What's your favorite workout, and one you're not so fond of?

MG: My favorite workouts are anything having to do with making my waistline trimmer and toned. My least favorite is any type of pushups!

SHAPE: Let's talk diet! What do you eat on a typical day?

MG: Well, it's true what they say-in your 20s it's a lot easier to maintain a certain body weight! Now that I'm 31 I try to eat healthier. In the morning, I have a protein shake. In the afternoon I eat mostly whatever I want, I just try to modify it to a healthier choice and a smaller portion-since I still have time to be active if I'm a little bad. In the evening, I stick to baked chicken and veggies.

SHAPE: With such a busy career and life, what is your best advice on how to stay healthy despite not having much free time?

MG: I think some of the best ways to stay healthy when you have a busy life and career are protein shakes, lots of vitamins, and not depriving yourself. Also, modifying your eating habits to a healthier version of what you want. And always find some time to be a little bit active, even if it's just walking.

SHAPE: What's your best beauty secret?

MG: My best beauty secrets are rest, water, moisturizer, and a really great eye cream. Also, an antioxidant hygienist for when you travel, so that the elements that get in the plane don't suck the moisture from your face.

SHAPE: When you dress for the red carpet, any tips and tricks on how you best flatter your figure?

MG: When I know I have a red carpet coming up, I modify my meals a little bit more three days in advance and I take raspberry ketones (a.k.a. CLK). If that doesn't do the trick, then Spanx is always a next option.

SHAPE: What is your fitness philosophy?

MG: Everybody wants lightning in a bottle and while healthy things in a bottle do help, you have to do the work to get the results you really want.

SHAPE: Tell us about Deception on NBC! What can fans expect to see from your character this season?

MG: Deception has been an incredible experience. I'm having so much fun on the show, and the best part is that I get to kick a lot of butt and be very physical. My supporters can expect lots of action, drama, love triangles, murder mystery, and intense thrills!

SHAPE: I heard the crew on the show likes to do planks on set! Is that a daily occurrence?

MG: Laz Alonzo, Michael Drayer, and I love to turn on music on set and dance to Azealia Banks' "212." We get really silly and go all the way in! There's a lot of dorky dancing. Then we videotape each other and post it on the Internet so people can join in laughing at the random shenanigans.

For more on Meagan Good, visit her website and check out Deception on NBC, Mondays at 10/9c.