Up Close with Erin Andrews

We talk all things Fox, football, and fitness with the blonde bombshell


It's official! As one of the hardest working and most respected females in sports television (who also happens to be absolutely gorgeous!), Erin Andrews is ready to heat up the Fox network this season.

The former ESPN personality and Dancing With the Stars alum will host a new primetime Fox College Football Pregame Show alongside Eddie George and Joey Harrington and will also make significant contributions to the network's NFL and MLB coverage.

We got the chance to speak with the blonde beauty up close and personal to talk about her new gig with Fox, what she loves most about football, and the fitness secrets she can't live without.

SHAPE: Congrats on all your success! What are you most excited about to be a part of the FOX Sports family?

Erin Andrews (EA): I think I'm most excited about the new opportunities and a chance to expand my role, and just really challenge myself and get better. That's the biggest reason why I decided to take the jump, the leap, make the move… which was really hard to do because I was very comfortable and very happy with where I was for the last eight years with ESPN. But this is a chance for me to just get better. I'm somebody that has a very big competitive edge and a chip on my shoulder. I like having a lot of energy and running around being crazy, and I think putting myself in a situation that is new to me is nice.

SHAPE: So many of our readers admire you not just for being so fit and healthy, but because you are such a successful female in a very male-dominated field. What is your advice for other women to follow their dreams like you did?

EA: Don't listen or buy into what the naysayers are telling you. Instead, use it as bulletin board material. I think what I try to do with all the naysayers, negative comments, or even people that think you can't do it, I'm trying very hard to use it as motivation and to add to that chip on my shoulder. Having thick skin is very important, being tough, and not giving up. It's so important! I'm 34. I was at a place where I was very comfortable, I could have stayed…I want to start a family and be in a relationship to get married or have babies…and it would have been very easy for me to stay put and focus on that, but I think it's also very important to be motivated and challenged and keep your brain working in your professional field. If you're not feeling motivated there, how are you going to feel motivated in your personal life?

SHAPE: Such great advice! You're in awesome shape. Can you give us some of your fitness secrets?

EA: I try to stay in shape just to handle things like the stress of a job or everyday life. Working with men for the past 15 years, you end up eating and drinking like a guy! So I have no choice to basically have it in my mind that I have to work out every day. That is the way I have programmed myself. And if I don't work out one day, I'll just say to myself, that's just one day-that's OK, that's the way it worked out. But I try to do something every single day.

I just moved to New York City in January and I'm loving the variety of workout classes! I really love classes because again, I'm a competitive person, so I like to be around people that push me, and I feel like classes really do that. I've been doing Barre, as well as Physique 57, which I'm really enjoying. Because I'm so tall, I want to work on my legs… and obviously every woman wants to work on their rear end and their core, so I feel like those classes are perfect for me. They really target those areas! Plus, I've danced my whole life so I've got that dance background. On the days I can't go to classes, I try to take a run or hit the treadmill. I'm not much of a runner but I do need cardio!

SHAPE: You're on the road traveling a ton. What are some of your workout tips for gals on the go?

EA: If there's a place to walk safely or get a jog in that's good. Something that we would do on the road a lot in college town is walking up stairs or stadiums. You can also pack a jumprope and do that for 30-45 minutes to get your heart rate up. Anything around the area that you're in, try to be creative with what you can do. Run around your hotel or wherever you're staying!

SHAPE: Being around so many men all the time, I can imagine it has to be hard to eat healthy! Are you able to stick with a pretty regimented diet plan?

EA: Obviously as I'm getting older, I'm seeing changes in my body that I may not like… but I do love food, and I'm from the South. I'm not gonna lie, I eat fried chicken, I love macaroni and cheese, and I love grits. How could we not when we're raised in the South? Actually the men that I work with do eat really well, but they eat a lot. You wind up having five to six different appetizers on the table and everybody wants to order their own desserts. I just try to be really smart with it. I don't need to finish my whole meal. But I'm not someone who starves herself, either.

SHAPE: Any healthy snacks you eat while traveling or shooting you can recommend?

EA: I try to drink a lot of water and stay as hydrated as possible. It's so great for you and your skin. And trail mix! I've been living off that lately. My eating habits have changed a lot over the last 10 years because I realize my body is changing. I used to be a Coca Cola kind of girl or I'd grab a handful of M&M's and eat a Snickers (I still like to do that!), but now I'll have a banana instead. Instant oatmeal is great to take into the hotel room, and of course any sort of fruit is very helpful. Because I realize I like to enjoy myself a little during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I try to stay as healthy as possible with the snacks.

It's so hard when we're at these games and they have craft services filled with cookies and chips! You can have some, but just have one cookie-and you don't need to finish the entire bag of chips. If you need to get a sandwich, don't eat all the bread. I have two gorgeous friends that model and act for a living-Chrissy Teigen and Brooklyn Decker-and I love bread and I love rice. When we were in Australia together, they both passed on bread and I'm like, really?! We're not eating bread? But it's just a sacrifice you make so you can enjoy other things. I'm just trying to be more mindful now.

SHAPE: Do you have a favorite interview over the years?

EA: It was right after the Virginia Tech shootings happened. When I was with ESPN, we did the very first college football game back for that campus-college football is such a huge part there. There was a student named Derek O'Dell, who was the one that held the door shut when the gunman went into his classroom and starting shooting. He helped save his classmates and professors. I actually interviewed him on the field, and looking at this kid I was bigger and taller and weighed more… the fact that he was such a hero and so courageous and thought quick enough to do that was so unreal. I'll never forget that interview-it was bigger than sports and bigger than anything I'd ever done. It's something that has always stayed with me.

SHAPE: What do you love most about covering football, and who are the teams to beat this year in the NFL?

EA: I love the passion, the excitement, the up close and personal. I am a huge sports fan! Being able to share how excited I am about the game is so much fun for me. I was raised a Green Bay Packer fan so I obviously hope they have a good season. Maybe the New England Patriots…I just can't ever really bet against Tom Brady!

Connect with Erin Andrews on Twitter and Facebook, and don't forget to check out her new show for Fox Sports, airing Sept. 1.

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