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You may know Annie Thorisdottir as two-time fittest woman in the world. What you may not know is that she's joined the New York Rhinos for the National Pro Grid League, the world's first professional spectator sport with co-ed teams competing in human performance races. Judging from her incredible recovery and kick-ass performance at the CrossFit Games, we expect her to continue to dominate.

We caught Thorisdottir between workouts to talk about this year's Games, her road to recovery, and how she's preparing for the next NPGL event.

Shape: How did you prepare for this year's CrossFit Games due to your injury?

Annie Thorisdottir (AT): It was a slow process. It was pretty much rehab for a while, then working on my upper body. Eventually I started biking and doing light work on my lower body for about six months. Starting in January, I got back into heavier work coming from the floor, but there was still a lot of rehab work to make sure everything felt good. My back feels really great now, I felt the best I have in two years after the Games. But I know I can get so much better.

Shape: What are you doing now to train for the NPGL?

AT: Right after the Games I took about two days almost completely off. After that, I started doing some lighter work. Now I'm getting into lifting a little heavier. I'm definitely focusing less on endurance and making my training more sprint-like. It's a lot of short intervals, very explosive. I go as fast as I can for 30 seconds up to a minute, and rest for one or two. I also have the opportunity to work on strength now, which is important because I think it's a weakness of mine.

Shape: How does this event compare to the CrossFit Games for you?

AT: In my mind it's really similar, except now I'm getting the chance to compete on a team. I've always competed in individual sports, so I'm excited to work with a team and see how we all fit together.

Shape: It definitely seems like it's more about strategy, practice, and coaching. How do you feel about this aspect of the sport?

AT: You need to know your teammates well, and you kind of need to know yourself really well. You have to leave your ego on the side because as soon as you feel like you're slowing down, you need to tap out [one athlete works at a time, but he or she can call a substitute from the bench]. That's where the coaches really matter.

Shape: How do you feel about your first match on August 19?

AT: I'm really excited. It's the first match to be in Madison Square Garden, so that's really sick. I've never thought I'd be competing there.

On August 19, the New York Rhinos compete against the Los Angeles Reign at Madison Square Garden. Go to and enter "FIT10" to get access to pre-sale tickets and receive 10% off middle tier prices.