Dara Torres knows a thing or two about staying fit. After all, Torres (who completed her first international swim at age 14) is an Olympic champion who's set three world records and won 12 gold medals. Now Torres, who's a new mom and brand ambassador for Bengay, has her eye on another prize: The 2012 Winter Olympics. If the 45 year old qualifies for the 2012 London Olympics, she'll be the oldest swimmer ever to do so. But that's not slowing Torres down. Talk about a fit role model! Here are her top five tips for staying fit at age 40 and beyond.

1. Take everything slow. "A lot of people will get into working out and think it's going good, and then they'll injure themselves," Torres says. This tip can apply to beginners too. Whether you're trying a new sport, beginning a new workout regime, or simply getting a little bit older, it's important to start at a comfortable pace.

2. Make sure you're doing exercises right. Performing moves incorrectly is a surefire way to injure yourself (no matter how old you are). Torres suggests getting a personal trainer to help you with your workouts if you have the resources available.

3. Don't make excuses. "Whether you're working outside the home or you're a stay-at-home parent, you can always find a way to get some workouts in, whether you're working and you take the stairs instead of an elevator, or you're at home and grab some cans of food and do some bicep curls or some pushups," Torres says.

4. Find someone to work out with. It's always more fun to work out with a friend anyway, and by enlisting the help of a neighbor or friend, you'll have someone to motivate you (and vice versa!) and help keep things fun and not boring.

5. Don't be afraid of change. "People will get into the habit of doing the same thing over and over again, and you'll stop seeing changes in your body," Torres says. "If you add variety and spice things up, I think it'll help you to stay motivated." As they say, variety is the spice of life! Cheesy? Absolutely. True? Yup!