Drew Barrymore's Morning Routine Isn't Complete Without This One Thing

It all starts with a ritual she sticks to the night before.

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Drew Barrymore's perfect morning starts the night before. While getting ready for bed each night, the 46-year-old mom of two says she sits down to write a gratitude list — a ritual that helps her "notice things differently" by the time she wakes up the next morning. "I'm being present and acknowledging goodness throughout my day," she tells Shape.

But that doesn't mean her mornings are always peaceful — in fact, quite the opposite. Barrymore likens her morning routine to running on a hamster wheel: chaotic and fast. "Brushed teeth and brushed hair is as good as it's gonna get for me in the mornings," she jokes.

While she doesn't do the bleary-eyed reach for her phone on the nightstand like most of us probably do, she does have a morning routine that most busy parents can relate to: feed the kids, feed herself, and get her daughters, 8-year-old Olive and 6-year-old Frankie, ready for school (which, these days, due to COVID, is sometimes in-person, sometimes remote).

With little time to spare each morning, Barrymore says her top breakfast of choice these days, for both herself and her daughters, is cereal. Her go-to? Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats (Buy It, $4, target.com). Barrymore, a Kellogg's partner, not only loves the convenience of being able to whip up breakfast in 30 seconds flat, but she's also a big fan of the fiber-packed nutritional benefits you get in each bowl. (

As hectic as her mornings are, Barrymore says her nightly gratitude list helps her gain a more optimistic perspective on the hustle-bustle of the next day. For instance, Barrymore says remote schooling can often "feel like a monotonous chore." But her daily gratitude practice has made her realize how "lucky" she is to spend that extra time with her family. "Maybe school and play-dates and all those things got a little taken for granted [before the pandemic], but now I can appreciate them so much more," she says. (Here's how you can practice gratitude for the most benefit.)

Quality time with her family, especially in the morning, comes first, says Barrymore — even at the expense of a morning workout, which used to be a more regular part of her routine. "I've always been a morning workout person," she explains. "I don't have the energy later, so I'm more prone to injury because I'm exhausted." But Barrymore says she'll always put her kids first before exercise. "I'm way too guilty to give up time with my kids for a workout, so unless I grab it in the morning, it just doesn't happen," she admits. "[Working out] has completely fallen out of my morning routine because of homeschooling, kids, and work, so unless I fight for it, I end up doing it on my days off, which sucks. But it's the only time, so I'm working out on my days off."

Even when she does find time for a workout, though, you likely won't find Barrymore in your group sweat session on Zoom. "Zoom workouts are not for me, but I do Zoom with my personal trainer, Katrina Rinne, D.P.T.," shares the mom of two. "She's an incredible physical therapist. I love working out with her because she knows all the things to do to prevent injury. She's a genius — she's changed my life, and she's the one I see every [time I work out] on Zoom because I won't do it on my own." Aside from one-on-one sessions with Rinne, Barrymore says her workout apps of choice are M/Body, which offers barre and dance cardio workouts, and The Class, a workout that aims to strengthen both the body and mind. (

If you can relate to Barrymore's struggle to fit a workout into your hectic schedule, here are 10 ways to sneak in your daily dose of fitness.

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