The world champ, who is predicted to become the first female wrestler from the U.S. to take home an Olympic gold medal, sat down with us to set a few things straight.

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: September 21, 2016

Adeline Gray is a favorite to become the first American woman to win gold for wrestling at the Olympics this weekend. The super heavyweight wrestler and three-time world champion in women's freestyle wrestling-who BTW, is one of the best female wrestlers in the world right now-is laser-focused on that goal. (And, in addition to making her first U.S. Olympic team, she also became a DeVry graduate in 2016, with a degree in business.)

But along the way, she's also trying to change the way people view her sport and show girls everywhere it's obtainable for them to go out there and beat boys on the mat. A few points she clears up: Nope, it's not the same as WWE. Yes, she can lift heavier than a lot of men in the gym (and has the lats to show for it). (Here, Adeline shares why she loves her 'strong and powerful' shape-naked and clothed.)

Watch the video to hear how she first got into wrestling, how she handled naysayers, and what it would mean to make history by taking home gold at the Olympics.



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