Cheryl Burke Reveals How She and Cody Rigsby Will Compete on 'DWTS' After COVID-19 Diagnoses

The Dancing With the Stars partners recently revealed that they developed breakthrough cases of the novel coronavirus.

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Dancing With the Stars may only be three weeks into its 30th season, but pro dancer Cheryl Burke and her celebrity partner, Peloton's Cody Rigsby, have already achieved BFF status.

"It's been like a perfect arranged marriage," Burke tells Shape. "We get along great, we're already besties, and he is just full of light and joy. He's got such great energy."

Burke and Rigsby (who have quickly become fan favorites) are gearing up for their third performance on Monday's episode, aka "Britney Night," which will feature music by the one and only Britney Spears. And while the other celebrity-pro pairings will dance live in the ballroom, Burke and Rigsby will perform separately in their homes after both recently tested positive for breakthrough cases of COVID-19. In an Instagram video posted Friday, Burke, 37, broke down how Monday's show would work for her and Rigsby, 34. (Read more: What Is a Breakthrough COVID-19 Infection?)

"We're going to do it remote[ly]," said Burke in her Instagram video. "We're going to be doing it from the comfort of our own home. I've turned our living room into a ballroom. It's been challenging, no doubt, but I'm just so grateful for this opportunity… This is going to go down in history, all 30 seasons of Dancing With the Stars, never ever have we've done anything remotely like this." (

Burke and Rigsby both revealed last week that they had tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. And while breakthrough infections are possible, those who do develop COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated are less likely to develop serious symptoms or illness compared to those who aren't vaccinated against the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (

While it remains to be seen how the Dancing With the Stars judges will react to Monday's performance, one thing is for certain, Burke knows Rigsby will be giving it his all. "He's a hard worker, which I totally admire and love," says Burke. "You know, sometimes you can just like the person and not get a lot of work done, but he is great with getting the work done and then playing after."

In terms of a rehearsal schedule, Burke explains that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the days in which Burke and Rigsby focus on getting the new routine down pat. "You basically have to throw everything out the door, and you have to start from the beginning [be]cause it's a new dance, which means a new technique, new music," she says. "And we have to be ready to do it to music, full out, as much as possible by Thursday, so that our director can see a rough version of our routine so that he can choreograph with the cameras. So technically, we only have 48 hours to get our dance together." (

Although Dancing With the Stars is a top priority for Burke, the longtime performer is also focused on other endeavors outside of the ballroom, namely her new loungewear collection with Bailey Blue, a Los Angeles-based online retailer. The pieces, which are all priced under $120, include high-waisted leggings (Buy It, starting at $68,, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts (Buy It, $78,, and a sleek, day-to-night jumpsuit (Buy It, $115,

"Ever since the pandemic, obviously, all of us, are living in loungewear... but I never found loungewear that had structure to it," she says. "I may not have the longest body in the world, but I know how to make my legs look really long, by wearing high-waisted stuff or high-slits, or making your waist smaller by accentuating certain parts of your body, so, that's what I try to achieve in this loungewear line."

While the neutral-hued pieces in Burke's collection differ from the colorful creations featured on Dancing With the Stars, they're still built for moving and grooving. In fact, Burke sported apparel from her namesake collection over the weekend — the Butacada Women's Wrap (Buy it, $88,, to be specific — while practicing for Monday's show. And while the circumstances are certainly unique right now, much like every challenge Burke and Rigsby have faced on the show, they know they "have to be able to accomplish it," she says.

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