We sat down with the writer, editor, and host of the podcast Hurdle, which explores wellness as a means for personal growth.

By Ellie Trice
August 16, 2019
Jermaine Alexander Clark

Writer and editor Emily Abbate knows a thing or two about overcoming hurdles. During her quest to lose weight in college, she took up running—and with relentless determination went from struggling to run a half-mile to being a seven-time marathon finisher. (She also lost, and kept off, 70 pounds along the way.) And when the fitness editor found herself in need of a new passion project after the magazine she was working for folded, she turned it into a motivational podcast that today, inspires thousands. By sharing the stories of how everyday people have overcome their own personal hardships—whether they be physical or mental—Abbate wants her listeners to know they’re not alone and that they too can overcome any hurdle in their way.

Turning Passion Into Purpose:

"After the magazine I was working at folded, I was thrust into a life of freelance work. I learned a lot during that first year about being my own boss, but I was looking for a broader sense of purpose. In the middle of this career shift, I told a friend that I just wanted to get over this hurdle of uncertainty and self-doubt. And it clicked: Everyone has these difficult moments. But what if I could talk to people who, like me, turned to fitness and wellness to get through them? The podcast became about sharing those insights on using wellness as a way forward." (Related: This Influencer Shared Her Biggest Insecurities—and Ways to Conquer Your Own)

How to Take the Plunge:

"There are always going to be things that get in the way. There’s always going to be an excuse you can make about why something shouldn’t happen tomorrow or why you’re not ready. But the thing is, most entrepreneurs will tell you that they were never ready and that you just have to start. Take the opportunity to begin, see what happens, and just pivot as you go." (Related: The Best Health and Fitness Podcasts to Listen to Right Now)

Her Best Career Advice:

"Be willing to take the leap. Stop asking, ‘What if, what if, what if ?’ and just ask, ‘Why not?’ and go for it. When you’re passionate about something, it no longer feels like work—it just feels like your mission." (Related: These Books, Blogs, and Podcasts Will Inspire You to Change Your Life)

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