We talked to the actress about her go-to workout, beauty products, and self-care rituals.

By Kylie Gilbert
August 09, 2018

Emma Roberts is one of our favorite celebs to follow for style inspiration. Whether she's on the red carpet or vacationing in St. Tropez, she isn't afraid to take risks, both with her fashion and her hair choices. Recently, the star partnered with New Balance, so naturally, we had to get the scoop on one of the latest trends she's been rocking from the brand: chunky "dad sneakers". We caught up with the star about her favorite summer athleisure trends, go-to workout, and self-care practices for surviving long days. (To find out her confidence trick and diet tips, check out Emma's Shape cover interview.)

Her Favorite Athleisure Trend

"I love the chunky dad sneaker trend. I think it makes a floral dress less girly and, not to mention, they're so comfortable with jeans! I love being able to throw on sneakers with anything these days. Especially if I'm going to a flea market and doing a lot of walking. I'm also obsessed with any matching printed athletic wear! I love light pink and gingham right now."

The Mind-Body Workout She Swears By

"I love Pilates so much for my body and mind. I go to WundaBar in LA which is such a great class and goes by so quick! I also work out with Body By Nonna who gets you so in your body and shapes your legs like no other!"

Her 3 Must-Have Summer Beauty Products

"Sun Drops (an SPF 50 face serum) by Dr. Barbara Sturm are a must. I'm so fair so I wear sunscreen every day, even in the winter. Le Labo Vanille is my scent right now for summer. Lastly, Charlotte Tilbury mascara is the absolute best. You can wear it with nothing else and look fresh!"

Why She Started a Book Club

"My best friend Karah and I started Belletrist because we both were the person in our respective friend groups who everyone would ask for book recommendations. Reading and recommending books was also the way we kept up a long-distance friendship, and it still is since Karah lives in New York! I think millennial women and older, especially, are looking for the same thing that Karah and I have always found through reading: While people can be divided on their opinions of books, those same books often provide a respite from the noise of the 24-hour news cycle. Even though Belletrist is a 'digital' forum, we hope and believe it is an online conversation worth having." (Related: Google's New "Digital Wellbeing" Feature Will Help You Cut Back Your Screen Time)

Her Can't-Miss Self-Care Ritual

"At the end of a long day, I love taking a bath with bath salts. Little Moon Essentials and Belletrist did a collaboration on this gorgeous bath salt that really relaxes you and smells amazing. There is nothing better than putting my phone away, picking up a book, and taking a bath after work. Sometimes I'll even throw on a Joanna Vargas sheet mask if I'm feeling fancy!" (Related: Self-Care Beauty Products for When You're Feeling Stressed)


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