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EXCLUSIVE: 5 Things You and Brooke Burke (Should) Have in Common

Brooke Burke: She Doesn't Freak Out Over Numbers

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Brooke Burke recently turned 39, but she isn't worrying about the big 4-0. "It's really about being comfortable in your skin at every age," she says. "I feel better now than I ever have before. I feel stronger, I feel more confident, I feel healthier. I feel like I know my body better." Stressing over an upcoming birthday? Find out how to stay positive at any age.

Brooke Burke: She Works Out to Reduce Stress

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Brooke Burke doesn't focus solely on the body benefits of exercise. "I do it for energy, I do it for stress," she says. "I do it so I can have a little bit of me time in my crazy day, it keeps me sane." Exercise isn't the only way to cut down anxiety: Check out other ways to reduce stress in your life.

Brooke Burke: She Doesn't Try to Look Glamorous 24/7

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Even as a former swimsuit model, Brooke Burke doesn't hold herself to ridiculous standards. "You should see how I look when I leave the house," she says. "I leave with wet hair; it's wrapped up in a bun. I'm in sweats with a T-shirt." No time for fashion fuss in your active life? Use these style tips for women on the go.

Brooke Burke: She’s a Glass Half-Full Kind of Woman

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In an industry so focused on perfection, Brooke Burke doesn't stress over flaws and instead plays up her best features. "I learned that on my experience on Dancing with the Stars," she says. "We didn't try to perfect moves that I was never going to conquer; what we did was choreograph a number that showcased my best talents. It's a great life lesson." Steal stay-fit tips from other DWTS contestants.

Brooke Burke: She Challenges Her Mind, Not Just Her Body

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Brooke Burke’s New Year's resolution has nothing to do with counting calories or amping up her cardio. In 2011 the mother of four is going to learn to speak French. "I'm going to do it because David speaks French and the kids don't and they don't because we don't," she says. It's not too early to plan your New Year's resolution. Check out another star's challenge. Back to Brooke's main page >>


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