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How Food Network Star Ayesha Curry Practices Self-Care

Staying Afloat

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It starts with embracing the crazy, says Ayesha. As a Food Network host, a cookbook author, an entrepreneur, a mom of two (with number three on the way), the wife to one lucky Golden State Warriors star (Stephen Curry), and the new face of CoverGirl, Ayesha, 29, is an expert in chaos. “I find beauty in the mess,” she says. “No two days are the same for us.”

Family time in some form, however, is the one constant amid the storm, and she says it brings her the most fulfillment. In fact, the joy she derives from feeding those she loves truly helps her glow. Her signature healthy comfort food—a spice-rubbed chicken with parsley-mint sauce and veggies (find the recipe in her cookbook, The Seasoned Life)—is packed with antioxidants, and we all know what those do for skin.

“Food strengthens my family bond while it nourishes my body,” she says. (Here's the pre-game pasta she likes to make for Steph.) Ayesha has also gained confidence since becoming a mom: “You grow so much as a person.” Here’s a peek at everything that keeps Ayesha feeling beautiful.

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A.M. Reset

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“I take a few moments in the morning just to breathe while I drink my morning coffee or right before I get out of bed. This time, even if it’s a couple of minutes, is so necessary, especially during the pregnancy. It gets me prepared for the day.” (Related: 8 Wake-Up-Your-Body Moves Anyone Can Do In the Morning)

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A Night Off

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When she has time to herself, Ayesha goes for a bubble bath, face mask, and big glass of wine. “Purifying Pumpkin Pore Mask from Urban Skin Rx ($38; is my favorite. And I love a bold cab.” In your own tub, try sipping Ayesha’s berry-forward Napa Valley wine blend. (Then add in these relaxing bath products to up your self-care game.)

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Makeup Musts

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The CoverGirl products that make her feel most powerful: Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation ($9;, which has skin-nourishing vitamins B3, B5, and E, plus SPF 20, and the no-melt Peacock Flare Mascara ($8;, no matter how high the heat in the kitchen.

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Luxe Picks

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When she wants to feel glam, Curry slips on a short-length silk kimono from Olivia Van Halle ($480; Or she'll throw on a piece of stunning finger candy, like Anita Ko's Tri-Leaf Ring in Yellow Gold ($6,525;

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