When it comes to aging gracefully, this 70-year-old beauty entrepreneur, stylist, and former model has it down.

By BY Didi Gluck
Photo: Anne Menke/Trunk Archive

"I would never have a face-lift," says Linda Rodin. Not that she judges those who do, but when she pulls up the sides of her cheeks, she says, it feels "fraudulent." (FYI, there are other new non-surgical beauty treatments that could work magic on your face and body.)

This authenticity has made her beloved among those who have worked with her in the fashion and beauty industries, plus her 230K followers on Instagram, where she posts very real-yet very glam-images from her life. After a brief stint as a model in the 1960s, Rodin claimed her place as the A-list stylist for brands like Barneys New York. Her talent for being incredibly creative and a habitual problem-solver eventually led her to found a namesake beauty line centered on face oil. "I couldn't find one I liked, so I made it in my sink," she says."I do that with food and even clothes. I bespoke everything."

A few other keys to her beauty and joy include fuchsia lipstick ("I feel naked without it"); a strict regimen of eating dinner at 5, followed by a glass of wine, work, then eight to nine hours of sleep. Her other go-tos: A heart pendant ("The designer Soraya Silchenstedt gave one to me and my sister; when she passed away, I continued to wear hers.") and a family of houseplants ("I have about 150 of them in my apartment. I need to walk sideways between them. Taking care of living things is so nurturing." (Feeling inspired? You can actually set up houseplants to be beneficial to your health.)

And, of course, there's her deep connection to her poodle, Winky. "He doesn't know wrinkles from schminkles, and I love him with his bad teeth and all," Rodin says. (Related: How Pets Can Help You Meditate and Be More Mindful)

It's no secret that Linda and her poodle are a tight pair, but now they can add business associates to their relationship. Linda has just launched a line of dog accessories, Linda and Winks, with a leash and collar set made of faux leather (natch) and denim (Linda's favorite material). She says that more products are coming down the pike for pets-not just poodles-and their humans to enjoy together soon. Her new venture is her version of an "everyday thing." Naturally, you'll have to continue checking her feed for the full story. "I'm a maniac on social," she says.

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