The Being Mary Jane star talks confidence, travel, and the sweet way she stays in touch with her girlfriends.

By Renee Cherry
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Gabrielle Union loves giving props to other women-her heartfelt #WCW posts are unmatched. And she's not just making public gestures. When speaking with Shape for Hallmark's Put It Into Words campaign, Union revealed why she likes sending greeting cards to the women in her life.

"I send out 'just because' cards to my single girlfriends, especially my single mom friends, because sometimes you've got to be reminded that you're alive and someone appreciates you and will go the extra mile instead of shooting a text," she says. "So many of us move through life like robots and start to feel like a cog in the machine and that nobody cares, so I try to remind people that they're loved." (Related: Gabrielle Union Reveals She's Had "Eight or Nine" Miscarriages)

Over the years, Union has made a habit of showing herself some love, too. Read on to find out how she makes her physical and mental health a top prio.

She takes her recovery as seriously as her workout.

"I use these things that kind of look like drills with different heads on them and different speeds and pressures, and there is nothing that can work out knots and kinks post-workout than those things. As I'm trying to really hit it and go beast mode, I need it in my life every day. I make sure to take care of my body afterward using the Normatec and icing and stretching and cupping, getting bodywork done, cryotherapy, all that is important. But I can't live without that massage drill thing." (Check out Union's full-body strength workout.)

She maintains a ~balanced~ outlook on travel.

"I like to pack healthy foods that I'm used to eating on trips. I always have hard-boiled eggs and spicy mustard on me. I'm that weirdo where it's like 'God, it kind of smells like eggs. It's that girl, she has eggs in her purse.' When I go overseas just so I don't totally go off my regimen, I pack protein bars that may not be available in the country I'm traveling to.

I wish I could say I'm that person who works out while traveling. My husband [Dwyane Wade] is and he is always like 'Why are you packing workout clothes, you never come and work out with me?' And probably once during every vacation I will work out and that will be it. I sleep right through his alarm clock that gets his ass up and into the gym. It's vacation, you know?" (Related: I Put These Healthy Travel Tips to the Test While Traveling Across the Globe)

She had a self-image epiphany.

"No matter how you look or act, someone will have something negative to say. So I strongly encourage people to free themselves of the fear of judgment quicker in life. We're so caught up in creating these perfect illusions or wanting to look like Snapchat filters or whatever. And then when we still don't feel the wholeness or people still have negative things to say, you realize God, I just hopped on this hamster wheel and I can't get off because perfection doesn't exist. I gave all the shits until probably about 42 or 43. Like, I cared so deeply. At this point in life, I'm at that stage where I've stopped caring for the most part."

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August 28, 2018
Woah!! Sounds like Gabrielle Union goes hard with her workouts and her recovery. I've started using cryotherapy after excercising and it really helps my body recover. I recently read this article that shares 5 steps you should take during your injury recovery --> []. Where do you think you can find one of those massage drill things she mentions?