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Gaining 50lbs Inspired This CEO to Start a Company

Kara Goldin

Cooper Bates

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Kara Goldin admits she had some not-so-healthy habits back in the mid-'90s. The busy mother of four was running e-commerce and shopping for AOL and relying heavily on soda to power her through her high-stress days. "I could drink 12 cans a day. I hated water, and I rationalized that at least soda contained a bit of it," she says. Eventually, a 50-pound weight gain and cystic acne made her reevaluate her diet.

When she eliminated soda, the pounds came off and her skin cleared. "I realized that breaking the sweet habit created happiness by getting me back into balance in the way I felt and looked," she says. That revelation led to the creation of Hint flavored waters, which provide hydration minus sugar and sodium. (Try these dietitian-approved tips for cutting back on sugary drinks.) With high-profile investors like John Legend, Hint took off, and Goldin has since been named one of Fortune's Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.

Despite her success, Kara says that what makes her happiest is mentoring others, which she does five hours a week. "Changing someone's mindset is really enriching." More recently, Kara's company introduced Hint sunscreen, which is formulated without oxybenzone and parabens. And soon, Hint will be launching aluminium-free deodorant. "This is what happens when you get older—you see that whatever you put into or onto your body shows up somewhere," she says. You also see that what you put out in the world matters.

For more of what makes Kara tick, read on.

Photo: Cooper Bates

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