Gal Gadot Relies On These Wellness Rituals to Feel Her Best

The star of the Wonder Woman franchise prioritizes rituals that make her look and feel her best.

Between starring in superhero flicks, running a production company, and spending time with her family, Gal Gadot has a lot on her plate. And yet, she always puts her self-care rituals at the top of her to-do list. "Wellness is such an essential part of my life because the better I feel, the better I look, the better I am," she tells Shape. Elements of her routine have evolved over time, but some components have stayed essential.

Gal Gadot Breaks Down the Five Key Elements of Her Wellness Routine
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Meditation + Sleep

"It's funny how the people who could really benefit from meditation are often the ones who can't find the time to do it," says Gadot, who says she related until she discovered the Headspace app. "It's quick, it's easy to use, and it really helps me feel present," says the Wonder Woman star. "That and getting enough quality sleep are the keys for me."


"I wake up and drink water like a camel," says Gadot, who says she makes sure to drink more water throughout the day, especially while working out and before going to bed. "I have a full, chilled bottle of Smartwater+ Clarity [Buy It, $2,] before coffee or anything else. I find it crisp, refreshing, delicious — I crave it. My family and I tasted all the latest Smartwater+flavors, and Clarity was our favorite. We're drinking much more water than we otherwise would be."


"I like to do interval training, and I'm super grateful that I can do those workouts in my gym at home. I try to get to it every day, but sometimes it's more like three to four times a week. It's been a bit challenging to carve out the time with the family at home."

Nutrient-Rich Food

For Gadot, just as sticking to a workout routine is important, so is eating healthy foods. "I'll never forget what a fitness trainer explained: Even if you work out for two hours a day, there are a lot of hours left to eat. So the foods you choose are important," she says. "I'm all about the Mediterranean diet. I love to cook it, and I enjoy eating it too."

More than that, she finds that she feels and looks better when she does: "I'm not a saint. I eat cheeseburgers and stuff like that. But the majority of the time, I keep it healthy. And when I do, I'm more vital."

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