Plus, what she'd tell her younger self.

By By Didi Gluck
August 24, 2017
Photo: Mark Sagliocco // Getty Images​

She may play subservient Missandei on Game of Thrones, but IRL Nathalie Emmanuel is fiercely in charge of her body and health, thanks to a combination of yoga, running, boxing, and clean eating. Find out what else powers the actor through packed days on and off the set.

"I'm all about wellness."

"If you're lethargic and not taking care of yourself, your body has to work 10 times harder on long, busy days. So I decided it was important to maintain a certain level of health and fitness. I became a vegan about four years ago, and I try to stay away from processed foods. I love yoga, boxing, and running." (Related: I followed a vegan diet for a week and discovered a new appreciation for these foods.)

Yoga is my meditation.

It's my favorite form of exercise because it isn't just physical. And I consider mental health to be part of my overall health."

Deprivation is not an option.

"Good vegan chocolate has become a thing with me. The more you silence your cravings, the bigger they become, so I prefer to have a little bit and get on with my day."

I'm done comparing myself with others.

"I used to think I didn't measure up to the women in ads, but I'm over the myth that we're supposed to look like them. Ultimately, your body is functional-it gets you from point A to point B."

I love my shape because...

" includes my feet, which enable me to do the sports and exercise that I do!"

I'd tell the younger me that I was just fine.

"I used to straighten my hair for auditions. But now I want to be remembered for my work, not the way I look." (Get this "Game of Thrones" braid crown inspired by Missandei.)

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