Plus, the workout she can't live without

By Lauren Mazzo
@gigihadid Instagram

Gigi Hadid is no stranger to being in the spotlight-while being nearly naked. In ads for top fashion brands, on Sports Illustrated covers, and in her Instagram feed, we can all clearly see that Hadid is doing a *killer* job of keeping her body in shape. (But, unfortunately, that doesn't mean she's immune to body-shaming haters; this was her epic response to the recent Internet trolls.) And if a Victoria's Secret Angel is willing to spill some of the secrets that keep her runway- and photoshoot-ready? Yeah, we're willing to listen. (Especially if they involve guacamole and ice cream.) Keep reading to find out how she stays fit and healthy.

She's all about acai: It shouldn't surprise you that she was wayyy ahead of this healthy trend: "I love acai bowls," she says. "We always took them to the beach growing up, so I guess it's a little piece of home." Maybe it's all that antioxidant-rich acai that makes her look so effortlessly glowy-after all, it has a bunch of health benefits. (Try these 5 Superfood Acai Bowl Recipes.)

How she fuels for her workouts: Gigi says her go-to snacks for before a workout are chips and guac or carrots and hummus. Afterwards? "A big meal."

The workout she absolutely swears by: It's not something seemingly model-y like Pilates or yoga. If she could only do one workout for the rest of her life, Hadid says she'd rather do it with her dukes up. "I love to box – it's a perfect balance of cardio and resistance training. It's important to enjoy your workouts and I genuinely look forward to boxing," she says.

Her fave cheat meal: You probably heard that Gigi's a fan of burgers. But if she could only have one food for the rest of her life, it wouldn't be a Whopper. "Pasta and ice cream would probably top that list," she says.

Her go-to hydration source: You might assume that Hadid is all about the ~trendiest~ health elixirs (like these interesting new waters with benefits), but that's not how she rolls. Growing up, my mom always had Evian in the house and constantly reminded us about the importance of staying hydrated," she says. "I now always carry around a bottle too – whether traveling, working out, or just hanging around town." (Hadid is part of Evian's "live young" campaign.)


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