The model is committed to her resolution to live fearlessly—and do more of what scares her.

By By Jenn Barthole

The first two weeks of 2018 have already flown by, and mega-model Gigi Hadid is committed to her resolution to live fearlessly-starting with flexing her inner strength. "Looking ahead to 2018, I will continue to challenge myself by doing more of what scares me," Gigi tells us. "One thing I've learned is that even if you feel self-conscious, push yourself, because usually it will turn out okay."

Yes, even cover girl Gigi has insecurities, but she refuses to allow them to hinder her career or personal ambitions. In fact, her new year is off to a terrific start including some major milestones, including starring in the new Stuart Weitzman campaign with legendary supermodel Kate Moss and posing solo for the spring Valentino campaign. (Related: How Gigi Hadid Uses Mindfulness to Prepare for Fashion Week)

It's safe to say her career is at an all-time high, yet she still puts her mental and physical health first. This year, she has plans to focus on celebrating "the physical, mental, and social aspects of fitness that help you to nourish all the parts of yourself." In addition to continuing regular boxing sessions with her trainer Rob Piela at New York's famed Gotham Gym, she's pushing herself to stay disciplined when her schedule gets hectic. Gigi explains "when it comes to staying fit on the road, I get creative. I always stretch in the morning [in my hotel room] and sometimes I box the pillows!" (Related: The One Thing Gigi Hadid Admits She's Horrible At)

One thing Gigi won't change this year? Her fearless approach to style and her unique ability to fuse her love for athleisure with runway trends. "I like to create a character when I get dressed. It gives me a bit of power and helps give me an essence of who I can be that day." And her love of athleisure? Here to stay.

"I love my Reebok high-waisted leggings, they make me feel sexy," she says. And as long as Gigi keeps making the sidewalk her runway, we're happy to keep watching.


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