The Jane the Virgin star tells us what keeps her energized, motivated, and grounded.

By Kiera Carter
October 17, 2017
Photo: Stella Artois

Jane the Virgin fans will be happy to know that Gina Rodriguez has a lot in common with the crazy-likable woman she plays on the show. For one, she's driven as hell, in case her now-famous 2015 Golden Globes speech pronouncing "I can and I will" didn't already make that clear.

But underneath the drive, she's also eternally grateful for the supportive women in her life ("they're the reason I'm here today," she says), passionate about her community (watch her rap to raise money for Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico), and incredibly classy amidst conflict ("I'm working on empathy").

Even with an insane schedule, energy-zapping Hashimoto's disease, and a commitment to high-intensity Muay Thai training, she still knows how to prioritize relaxation, especially when it involves good food, drinks, and the people closest to her. We spoke to her about all of the above as part the Stella Artois "Host One to Remember" series. Here's what the Jane star had to say:

Female relationships are really freakin' important.

The heart of Jane isn't the quippy narrator or dramatic plotline; it's the strong relationships between the female characters, particularly between Jane, her mother, and her grandmother.

Gina can relate: "Anyone who knows my heart knows that I'm about my ladies and the women around me who uplift me, who have created so many opportunities and paved the way for me," she says. "I was surrounded by women growing up, and in all honesty, they're the reason why I'm here today, hands down."

Photo: Stella Artois

There's an unexpected downside to dieting.

"It's important to celebrate my successes with the people around me," she says. "Eating, drinking, and toasting are big parts of my family gatherings."

And you can't enjoy these beautiful moments if you're on a super-strict diet or constantly worried about the number on the scale. "I think body positivity is important because it frees up a lot of worrying and a lot of stress we spend on it daily," she told us (Gina Rodriguez Wants You to Love Your Body Through All Its Ups and Downs). "Instead, put all that time and energy into doing the things you want to do and making your dreams come true." Once you achieve those dreams? "Don't forget to sit back and enjoy it," she says.

Healthy foods keep her energy up.

"Fatigue is already an issue with Hashimoto's, and some scenes can really take a lot out of you," she says. [Fans will no doubt recall the heartbreaking crying scene last season-don't worry, newcomers, we won't spoil it for you.] "That's a by-product of the job, so I keep my energy up by being conscientious about the food I put in my body-eating more fiber and vegetable protein." That's not to say she follows a restrictive eating plan though. "I eat healthily and work out, so I don't worry about having a red velvet cupcake or slice of pizza."

Don't fight hate with hate.

"Hurt people hurt other people. I'm constantly striving to be more empathetic, so when someone says something that isn't kind, I try to picture the pain they're going through. The only time I've ever been mean to others is when I haven't slept or haven't eaten, so I can only imagine what someone is going through if they're being so mean."


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