Earlier today in Sochi, American snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington dominated the women's halfpipe and earned a gold medal, ahead of Australian Torah Bright, who took silver, and American Kelly Clark, who snagged bronze (all together now: U-S-A!). Before landing her spot on top of the podium, Farrington completed one of the most difficult sequences of the night, connecting a backward 2-turn spin to a backward 2 1/2-turn spin. While she has a way of making extremely tough tricks look easy, her road to Sochi wasn't that simple. In this exclusive interview, she said the hardest part of competing in the Olympics is simply getting there.

The hardest part for making the U.S. team for the Olympics is going through these qualifiers. The U.S. has so many good riders for women and for guys. Now we get to go to the Olympics and be like, 'We made it here!' We don't have to worry about all the three other top girls that didn't get to come that should be there," she said. Watch the video above to find out what her new training strategy was, why she quit Facebook years ago, and what she's most looking forward to after the games.