By Alanna Nuñez
November 07, 2011

Supermodel and former SHAPE cover model Veronica Webb has not only run the ING New York City Marathon, she's done it more than once! This Sunday (November 6) is the 42nd annual NY Marathon and the third time that Webb will lace up her running shoes for Harlem United, an organization that fights to provide access to education and support to HIV/AIDS patients.

Webb never thought she was capable of running 26.2 miles-until she did. "I told myself that I didn't have to win... all I had to do was finish," she says. "That helped keep me going."

In addition to training for the marathon, Webb recently became the new fashion director for the U.S. launch of Sector Watches, a European-based company that designs sports watches. She's also the mother of four kids, who she says keep her pretty busy. Webb herself admits that it's hard to keep up a regular workout regime with her busy schedule saying, "I have to schedule my workouts around my kids."

While she'd always been fit, Webb never saw herself as a runner. We got the inside scoop on how she got in tip-top running shape for the ING marathon.

1. She runs whenever possible. "My philosophy is do what you can, when you can," Webb says. "Sometimes I'll do a bunch of short runs in one week. Or I might only have a Saturday one week, so I'll do one long run that's 12 or 15 miles."

2. She follows the Galloway Run-Walk-Run Method. "I came to running late," Webb says. "It was something I had always wanted to do, but I always end up getting hurt. It didn't occur to me that I could actually slow down and walk a little bit!" The Galloway Method, which was developed my Jeff Galloway in 1978, aims to prevent running injuries by mixing running and walking. Galloway recommends that his clients follow the run-walk method three times per week and work on elliptical or water training on the "off" days.

3. Capoeira. Webb is a huge fan of this Brazilian art form that combines dance with martial arts. When she's not running, she combines Capoeira with kettlebell workouts to stay fit and healthy.