By Kristen Aldridge
March 23, 2012
Tim Tadder Photography

What do you get when you combine killer combat instincts, fierce sword skills, wicked game, and a rock hard bod? Introducing…Tara Macken!

While the name might not be one you instantly recognize, the insanely talented stunt double, adrenaline junkie, and butt-kicking actress has been very busy-working on a bevy of action-heavy blockbuster projects like The Lincoln Lawyer, In Time, Battleship, Spy Kids, and more.

Now, she's adding the much-anticipated Hunger Games (out today, March 23) to her list. Macken plays the District 4 Tribute, and it's no surprise she's a major fighter (and of course, does all her own stunts!) in the flick. Check out the video below, and you'll see why she's a major force to reckon with, on screen and off.

"I've done stunts where I've had to jump from roof top to roof top, fought off 40 people at once, broken through glass and mirrors in lingerie, and been in exploding vehicles! This is all in a day's work," Macken says. "The craziest stunt I've done was a 100-ft. rappel out of a helicopter with four other ex-navy seal members in full combat gear for a Nike commercial. Yes it was a little crazy, but it was SO MUCH FUN!!"

In between all her high-flying, crazy cool action work, we had the delight to speak with the stuntwoman extraordinaire. Click here to see some jaw-dropping action shots and get the scoop on her stunt-worthy workouts, awesome athleticism, and why she doesn't believe in diets.