The new mom of three shares her plans for the upcoming weeks

By Julia Dennison
December 15, 2014
Getty Images

It's a boy for Kourtney Kardashian! Baby number three arrived on the same day that older brother Mason Dash turned 5. (Big sis Penelope Scotland is 2). Fit Pregnancy caught up with Kourtney for their December/January issue and talked about what those early weeks with the new baby would be like. (Check out Behind the Scenes at Kourtney Kardashian's Photo Shoot!) The fashion mogul and reality star said that she'll be focusing on what matters most: her newly expanded family with partner Scott Disick. Here, she shares what she has planned for the weeks ahead.

Setting a routine. With a baby arriving in the holiday season and the Kardashian family's many festivities, Kourtney's priority will be setting a rhythm for her and her little newbie amongst the chaos. "Since I have a lot of things going on, I think it's good to have certain routines in place, for me and the baby," she says. This includes going to bed early and at the same time every evening (if she can). "I get super tired at night," she explains. Scott: Stand by for late night baby duty!

Bonding with baby. Kardashian is a huge fan of breastfeeding her little ones: she nursed Mason for 14 months and Penelope for 16 months-and loved it. "It was built-in time that the two of us could share alone every day," she says. She'll also be following the advice that her grandmother gave her (and that she shared with Kim): "All that a baby needs, we have to give them."

Taking time out. To keep herself focused, Kardashian plans to turn down all the background noise in her life for a solid three months as she gets to know her new addition. "No one is allowed to bother me or talk to me about anything work-related," she says. "It's the only time I feel I have that excuse to shut everyone out and shut everything off. That time is a gift." Take note, World, this Kardashian will be off the scene this winter. (When she finally does step out, we're sure she'll stun, just like these 11 Beautiful Celebrity Post-Pregnancy Appearances.)

Following her instincts. With a new baby, it's hard not to second-guess every little decision you make as a new mother-even with experience. But listening to what her body needs has become second nature to this Kardashian-and she's keeping it that way. "I've learned to set boundaries and know when to say, ‘I just need to rest,'" she says. "I'm good at listening to what my body's telling me."

Asking for help. Although she professes to love doing everything for herself in the early days of new motherhood (she's not getting a baby nurse, for example), Kardashian has become a lot better at asking for help from the people around her than she used to be. "I'm learning to trust other people to do things," she says. "My time is limited and I'd rather be spending it with my kids."